Armaplate Sentinel

Armaplate has long been used to help secure and prevent spiking through door skins to access vulnerable lock systems on vans. With the Armaplate Sentinel range the Armaplates are in fact fitted using the studs underneath the plates to prevent the plates being pulled off the van door.

Armaplate can be installed even if a van has been attacked, so no need to worry about costly repair bills. Armaplate will cover the damage. Most van makes and models are covered.

Garrison Locks were the first company to achieve Armaplate approved installer status and work along side the manufacturers and offer full product support based upon many years experience in installing Armaplate for fleet companies and tradespersons. For further advice please contact our sales and support team.

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Armaplate Sentinel is a stainless steel plate that is CNC formed cut and profiled to the exact dimensions of the van door and covers the vulnerbale area around the vans door lock and handle to prevent thieves spiking or punching screwdrivers through the van door skin to access and unlock the van door locks. The Sentinel Armaplate has spot welded studs underneath the plate that go through the door skin and through an inner plate that is made to contour the inner section of the door. Once positioned the plates are bolted together from the inside. Protecting the vans lock system from forced attack.


Armaplates are often used to cover up damage left by thieves and are not only a cost effective repair but also provide added protection to the van. The Damage can vary from a very small hole approximately 3mm to a larger hole in excess of 20mm in diameter. Often the van doors are replaced but Armaplate would normally cover the damage saving hundreds of pounds is repair bills.


Many tradesmen have small to medium sized vans which would benefit from having Armaplates. Plumbers, Electricians, Builders, Locksmiths, Engineers, Mechanics are a few trades that already benefit from Armaplate Sentinel. Some of the large courier vans will also benefit from armaplate protection. The cost to replace some tools often far outweighs the cost of armaplates. The benefits are numerous and once installed you know your van will be secure at all times.


Armaplate can be sold as a DIY self install van security kit and Garrsionlocks offer FREE advice to all customers who purchase the Armaplate lock covers. It is important that you have some basic tools, screwdrivers, drill, socket set, Torx bits and some sealant. unscrew and Remove any plylining in the load area of the van, Using a trim tool or similar remove the door fibre panel to expose the internal mechanism and working of the door. If required (depending on the van make and model) remove the external handle, Using the gasket as a template mark the door with a marker and drill through the door carefully to avoid the lock system. These may be removed. Stick the gasket provided to the external armaplate and seal the drilled holes in the door with sealant or rust prohibitor. On the inside of the van door, slide the internal plate into position and hold in position, refit the external door handle. Place the external armaplate into position.


Garrisonlocks were the first company to be approved by Armaplate UK Ltd as nationwide installers of the Armaplate product and to date are the most experienced installers of armaplate. Securing in excess of 500 vans a year with Armaplate you cannot be in better hands. We install armaplates nationwide. Some non UK mainland are not covered. Please call our installation and service division for more advice on fitting armaplates.