Armacat & Catshield Catalytic Converter Protection

Van security for catalytic and DPF filters.

Armacat catalytic converter protection system is the answer if you have had a CAT or DPF (Filter) stolen.

During the last few years there has been a huge increase in catalytic converter thefts from vans, due to the soaring prices of precious metals that are contained within the Catalytic converter units.

A simple DIY install, the Armacat could save you thousands of pounds in repairs or replacement parts, loss of down time, inconvenience and loss of business. A CAT could cost up to £2000.00 to replace.

The Armacat system encases the catalytic converter in a stainless steel clamp, secured to the chassis using an ultra strong stainless steel cable in a high temperature PVC sleeve with anti-tamper shear nuts. Securing the Cat system to the vehicle so it cannot be taken away. Without the Armacat, a thief can remove the catalytic converter in around a couple of minutes with basic tools.

With the Armacat fitted, the thief really has to make a lot of noise and effort to remove the CAT. For further advice please contact our sales and support team

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The theft of catalytic converters and DPF's from cars in England and Wales rose sixfold in 2019!

Last year, there were over 12,000 recorded thefts of catalytic and DPF's, with London and the south east particularly badly hit. 

In 2018, there were just over 2,000 thefts.

Assistant Chief Constable Jenny Sims, car crime lead for the National Police Chiefs' Council, said "police were committed to tackling the thefts and the organised gangs behind them"

"Police forces across the country are involved in planning and undertaking intelligence-led operations, at both regional and national levels, to stop converters from being stolen, as we recognise the devastating impact these crimes can have upon the lives of victims," she said.

The figures were released to 5 Live Investigations by police forces in England and Wales.