Why You Should Install Additional Locks On Your Van

When you purchase a new van, you will probably be under the impression that it is incredibly secure and that the original locks will be enough to deter any thieves and keep both your van and its contents safe. Whilst this is usually the case for the majority of cars, unfortunately, vans usually require some additional form of security to protect them. 

It is no secret that vans are much more likely to be targeted by vehicle thieves, as there is more potential they will be carrying expensive tools and equipment. This is incredibly frustrating and unfortunately, due to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a decrease in this type of crime, many van owners are choosing to install additional locks on their van. If you’re wondering whether this is something that you should be doing too, keep reading today. 

Protect your van from brute force attacks

The most common way for thieves to break into a van is with brute force. Whilst the majority of standard locks are made to keep your van safe, to some extent they are also made in a certain way that you can break into them with brute force, say if you lost your key for example. 

It goes without saying that thieves take full advantage of this and, this is the reason why many van owners choose to install additional much stronger locks onto their vans. There are lots of locks that are specifically designed to withstand a brute force, so you are able to prevent thieves from getting into your van this way. 

Make it impossible for thieves to pick a lock 

Another way that more experienced thieves will get into your van is by picking your lock. The majority of standard locks are easy to pick if you have experience and unfortunately, these days as thieves get smarter, these locks aren’t enough to keep them out. 

There are some locks on the market that are much more difficult to pick, and if this is a concern of yours then something like a deadlock is a brilliant lock to install. This type of lock doesn’t use a spring in the locking mechanism, so it is incredibly difficult to pick. Installing additional locks of this kind can prevent any worry you’re having in this regard. 

Fight against opportunistic thieves

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for thieves to take from vans in plain sight. If you’re unloading something from your van or going to and from a worksite then, opportunistic thieves won’t hesitate to strike as soon as you have your back turned. 

Of course, if your hands are full then you may not be able to lock a door behind you and, for this reason, many van owners are turning to additional locks like slam locks. Knowing that your door will automatically lock once closed can provide you with peace of mind that you can prevent these thieves from getting into your van when you leave it temporarily unattended.

Installing additional locks on your van 

It is clear to see why so many people these days are choosing to install additional locks onto their vans. A simple lock is able to protect your van in so many different ways and from numerous different types of thieves. So, take the time to consider the huge range of locks for vans and find one that meets all of your needs and requirements. 

When searching for the best van locks, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Garrison Locks. We have helped numerous van owners protect their vans from thieves and you can trust that we can supply you with the best van locks to meet your needs. Whether you’re interested in hook locks, deadlocks or slam locks, we can not only provide you with the lock you need but we also offer services for van lock installation too, so, why look elsewhere? 

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