Keyed alike locks

Can all my locks work on one key?

There are many benefits to having a keyed alike lock system where you only need one key to operate all the locks. Great idea, Right?

Garrison locks provide a free keying alike service on all Mul-t-lock Garrison (7×7) 76 Series locks and Integrator®.

When ordering your locks, whether its locks for vans, office, home or industrial units you can choose on the website if you require these keyed alike so one key will suite all the locks.

Having one key to fit all locks help reduce the amount of keys to carry and there saves getting hole in pockets and wear and tear on clothes. Not only this its so convenient! Imagine having 10 locks all with a different key when all the keys look very similar in style, colour and shape. It could take minutes to find the right key. With a Garrison locks keyed alike system, you take the key from your pocket and unlock the door. It’s as easy as that. No trying multiple keys only to find its key number 10 that you need. I guess you could work backwards? Not sure if that’ll help though.

There are the obvious security risks with having a keyed alike “one key fits all” locks system. What happens if you lose a key? Basically, This means if you need to replace a lock then you will need to replace all the locks. This can be an expensive job, however, this is a risk taken when installing these lock systems.

There is a way to reduce the cost for losing a key though. If you have a Garrison 76 series Lock or Integrator® lock system these can be re-pinned. This will mean that all locks will need to be returned to our workshop for re-pinning. There will be a charge incurred for this service. Prices can be obtained through our sales team who will be happy to help.

One common use of the keyed alike system, Builders and tradespersons can install temporary locks and these can be sent back to us for re-pinning, this prevents trades entering the property once the build has been completed.
These are normally supplied on the Integrator® system as this is a fully restricted key system where keys cannot be duplicated without a valid key card. But again, if an Integrator® key has been lost it will not prevent us re-pinning the locks to a new system, You will be supplied two new unique keys.

Garrison break secure cylinder Integrator® key system
Mul-T-Lock Garrison Breaksecure XP police approved locks
Look for the Integrator logo on our products. Secure key system to prevent unauthorised key duplication. Replacement Integrator keys can be purchased here.

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