Key Platforms

Lock cylinder and padlock key platforms explained 

Garrison Locks offer 4 main key platforms. 76 series, Integrator, 3DS and 835 (Exclusively used on van locks)


Garrison 76 Series
This is our standard open key platform. This was commonly used on our old version of van security locks. our current range of Cylinders and padlocks. 76 series Keys are not restricted and can be duplicated with or without a key card. If you do require a key platform that is restricted and offers security against unlawful duplication of keys please upgrade to our Integrator or 3DS key platforms. 
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Garrison Integrator Series
The Integrator key platform is a fully restricted key series that offers security against unlawful key duplication. To purchase additional Integrator keys you will need to upload a key card image via the website product page when purchasing additional keys. We highly recommend keeping key cards locked away in a safe or off the site premises.
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Garrison 3DS Series
The 3DS key series is very similar to the Integrator key series but can only be duplicated through authorised Garrison Mul-T-Lock dealerships. 3DS is often a preferred key series on our Breaksecure range of cylinders carrying the 10 Year guarantee.
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 Garrison 835 Series

Our Mul-T-Lock Garrison van security range of locks are 'secure by design' and Thatcham accredited, to achieve these certificates locks have to under go testing. The 835 key system is restricted and can only be purchased through the Garrison Locks website.
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If you require further information on our keys platforms please contact our customer satisfaction team on 01858 464133