Trojan Batteries a new addition to our group - A new addition to our company group.

We have, since the beginning of 2022, been selling online through our Garrison website the Lithium-Ion batteries from DCBatteries and Poweroad, two very powerful brands in the battery market place. Obviously this has come to the attention of another master distributor in the UK and I was approached and asked to list Trojan batteries as these are indeed a very strong worldwide brand and very well known for high quality batteries. In fact, probably the best AGM deep cycle and Lithium-Ion batteries in the world. 

Whilst I was pondering on this I decided to purchase the domain. Giving us a fantastic opportunity to sell Trojan branded batteries online through a branded e-commerce website with full support from their UK technical support team.

We have engaged with our partners Visualsoft to develop a stand alone e-commerce website which is now in the design and 1st stages of development. We are striving to have the new website live in around 8-10 weeks all going well. 

Affordability and delivery guaranteed!
The new Trojan battery website will allow customers to have trade discounts, full technical support and fast UK mainland delivery at very competitive pricing. 

Just Trojan batteries?
Whilst the site will be promoting mainly Trojan batteries we will also have Poweroad and DCBatteries listed as comparable products. So if the Trojan product isn't quite right for your needs we will be able to supply a comparable product that is suitable.

Locks, security and batteries. Where's the connection?
Whilst we supply B2C we also supply B2B and its our trade customers that  carry out van conversions fitting additional security locks that also require power to run inverters and supply off-grid power. So the connection is one of positivity. (Excuse the pun)

Please keep an eye on the new website for all your battery requirements.

Best wishes
Richard Breslin

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