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Every heartfelt review helps create ever-improving experiences for both people and our company.

How we grew the Garrison brand with Trustpilot, The worlds largest service and product review platform.

Personally and as a company director I think the review platforms are a commercially sound and viable concept. Trustpilot shows complete transparency for the Garrison brand. Trustpilot automatically invites our customers and clients to review Garrison Locks products and services, open and freely and to post their reviews as they so wish to do so. 

Most marketing departments have embraced review platforms as a way to engage with customers often seen simply as an "online customer" and as a director I feel its important that we don't just see a buyer as a number, but more than that. The customer has searched through the internet often trawling through websites trying to find the best van security company that can install confidence to buy their product or service and I feel that Trustpilot gives us that leading edge with our 5 star reviews.

100% is almost unachievable, We know that. Some customers have expectations far outreaching a companies ability but often it's how you deal with these situations. It's how a company engage with the customer and how these issues are resolved. Garrison Locks pride themselves on an extremely high level of customer service and our Trustpilot reviews show this.