Why Every Van Needs An Armorgard Tuffbank

Innovate storage solutions are soon becoming one of the most popular features for many modern vans, where several manufacturers are looking to create the best van box possible to meet consumer needs. The variety of Armorgard Tuffbanks is no different, where they have a wide assortment of storage boxes which are ideal for several purposes and requirements. 

For that reason, the team at Garrison Locks have created this guide, covering why every van driver needs to consider fitting an Armorgard Tuffbank into their van. 

Why every van needs one

  • Suitable storage solution

Whether it’s the Armorgard Tuffbank TB2, TB21 or any other option, we are certain that you will obtain a suitable storage solution for all of your tools and equipment. With a solid steel body, there is plenty of room inside the Tuffbank for you to store your tools – where various designs of the Armorgard toolbox being created for specifically sized equipment such as power tools. Overall, it can ensure that all of your goods are kept in one ideal location within your van, ultimately resulting in no tools going missing inside of your van. 

  • Keep your tools safe

Although it’s sole purpose isn’t for security unlike the Armorgard Strongbank, the Armorgard Tuffbank has still been praised for its security quality. Especially when van break-ins have been on the rise, all of your valuable tools and equipment must be protected from being stolen during a theft, which is where this storage solution can help. For reference, the toolbox has been fitted with a 5-lever deadlock, heavy-duty steel plates throughout, making it very secure during an attempted theft.

  • Several designs and sizes available

You will also be pleased to hear that there are several designs, styles and sizes available to choose from. For instance, if you are looking for a standard, wider storage box, then it’s recommended to take a look at the Armorgard Tuffbank TB6, whereas, the Site Box TB21 is prefered if you would have a thinner but taller solution. For reference, several designs vary in use and storage potential, with the design alternating in size, as well as the overall style, hence the Armorgard Tuffbank Site Chest

  • Potential power charging station

Several of the latest versions of the Armorgard toolbox also feature the ability to implement a power shelf. This is ideal for van drivers that use power tools regularly, as it allows them to store, but also charge their equipment in one situated location so that they can continuously use their power tools when required. 

Take a look at our collection

Interested in taking a look at a large collection of Armorgard Tuffbank? Then look no further than Garrison Locks, one of the leading suppliers for van security, accessory and storage solutions. For reference, one of the most popular solutions that we currently have available is the Armorgard Tuffbank T12, a wide, but smaller storage box that we are certain will fulfil all of your needs and requirements.

That being said, If you wish to speak to our team regarding a specific product you are interested in, then why not get in touch? By calling 01858 435 900, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our specialists who will be happy to recommend the most suitable Armorgard toolbox for your specific needs. 

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