Why Choose Armorgard When Buying A Tool Box

These days, many workers that store equipment and tools in their van should consider an extra layer of security to protect these expensive items. It goes without saying that if someone was to break into your van and take these items then not only will you have to invest in replacements but, you also wouldn’t be able to work until these replacements arrive. So, there is no denying that additional security in this regard could be considered essential. 

Many van owners choose to invest in a secure tool box when searching for a way to protect their equipment and tools. These storage boxes can be fixed into your van to prevent thieves from being able to take anything kept in them. When investing in a tool box, many turn to Armorgard and this particular brand is incredibly popular. If you’re wondering why people choose Armorgard when buying a tool box, keep reading today. 

Who is Armorgard?

Armorgard is an incredibly well known brand in the industry and they are the UK’s brand of choice for secure storage and logistical products. Not only do they offer a vast range of products that meet the needs of everyone in the industry but all of their products are unique too. You will never find the products created by Armorgard anywhere else, they are all exclusive.

With 30 years in the industry, they understand the needs of their customers and you can always rely on them to create products that meet these ever changing needs. You can also rest assured knowing that their products are built to last and are known for their strength and reliability.

Why choose Armorgard?

There are numerous reasons why van owners continually turn to Armorgard for their tool boxes and below we have highlighted some of the main benefits to doing so. 

Tested quality 

Every product, including Armorgard tool boxes, must pass strict quality control procedures before they are sold to the public. As a company, Armorgard has set the industry benchmark in this regard and they always ensure that they only provide the very best in quality and design. 

Attention to detail 

Often, people say it is Armorgard’s attention to detail that sets them apart from other companies creating similar products. They understand that it is the small details that make all of the difference so, they focus on these and refine them until they work best for their customers.

Convenient designs 

Unlike other companies, Armorgard designs their products with productivity in mind. It is their aim to make life easier for those who rely on their tools and therefore, all Armorgard tool boxes are designed to be convenient to use without compromising any security. 

Lengthy warranty 

The length of warranty given by a company is a good indication of the quality of their products and Armorgard always offers a lengthy warranty. In general, they provide a warranty of 12 months so, you’ll never need to worry in this regard. 

Safe and secure 

All products, including Armorgard tool boxes, are created with security at the forefront of the design. They understand that security is essential and their products carry the reputation of being indestructible and also reliable.

Investing in an Armorgard tool box 

All in all, there is no denying that Armorgard tool boxes are a brilliant investment and you can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the choice you make when you purchase this additional security solution. Many van owners are reaping the benefits of having an Armorgard tool box and you can too. 

When searching for the right Armorgard tool box to purchase, visit the Garrison Locks website today. We are proud to be the UK’s leading Armorgard distributor and we stock a range of Armorgard products, so you can trust that whatever your needs may be, we will have the perfect solution. From secure mobile site boxes and chemical storage chests to enclosed storage cabinets and heavy duty van boxes, there is something for everyone. So, why go elsewhere for your Armorgard tool boxes? 

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