Which Van Accessories Are Constantly Getting Overlooked?

Anyone that currently owns a trade van will testify to the fact that they are constantly looking for new-and-innovative ways in which to improve their vehicle. This does not relate solely to exterior features; there are countless accessories that, when installed within, can offer fantastic benefits to those that use them. In case you didn’t know, here at Garrison Locks we are home to countless van-related products – you can find a comprehensive list of those that are often overlooked below, for your reading pleasure.

Trade Van Racking

Often-times, those individuals that operate a commercial van are carrying an array of different tools, for which they use to carry out their jobs. It is therefore understandable that they want to have an interior which is not cluttered, but instead is incredibly organised. This level of convenience means that precious time is not wasted scouring for particular items, and this is where a trade van rack can really come in handy. With such features as spring-loaded clips and deep shelves, these are simple-yet-effective accessories that will make your life, in the long-run, hassle-free.

Van Window Grilles

Whilst perhaps better-classified as a security product, as opposed to a traditional accessory, what cannot be disputed is the way in which van window grilles act as a criminal deterrent. There are various designs which can be found on the market, all of which serve their own distinct purpose. Take, for example, the Rear Window Blanks; arguably the product which epitomises high-security better than any other, these will prevent people from peering into your vehicle. You also have the option of Twin Grilles, which are slightly cheaper, yet are no-less efficient.

Parcel Shelves

If you are looking for a safe-and-secure way in which to transport high-value goods to various locations, the chances are that you stand to greatly benefit from acquiring a parcel shelf. Most-typically, these are found within domestic vehicles; however, more-and-more van owners are opting to get these units installed, and for good reason. Should you have large windows on your van, you need a way in which to hide items which could be of interest to criminals – this can be easily achieved with a parcel shelf.

Seat Covers

The chances are that if you spend a considerable amount of time driving your van to-and-from projects, you want to try and make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The environment should be one that you do not mind being in, and this is where top-tier seat covers come into the picture. These are particularly handy for those of you that work with pain, as it ensures that you won’t have to worry about dealing with stains on a regular basis. Though simple in their composition, they are a must-have for tradesmen.

Garrison Locks – Who Are We?

As a company, we understand the importance of being capable of supplying more than just van security products. If you own a commercial vehicle, and wish to enjoy free delivery of first-class accessories in the United Kingdom, we are the firm for you. Want to educate yourself on the goods that we have in stock, besides van security locks? If you follow the instructions published on our website’s contact page, you can subsequently speak to one of our fantastic representatives.

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