Which Security Product Is Best-Suited To Your Van?

When you are browsing through the various types of measures which can be used to secure your van, you will likely come across an array of products. However, not all of these will be applicable to you; for example, you will not need a steering wheel lock if your vehicle does this automatically. Similarly, you may believe that a tracking system is slightly over-the-top for your profession. If you would like some guidance on the security devices which are best-suited to you, Garrison Locks is more than happy to oblige.

Reinforced Pro-Plate

For those of you that have owned a Citroen Relay, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer van for a prolonged period, it will be of no surprise to you that the area which is most often targeted by criminals is that which is around the door handle of the vehicle. This is a region which is notorious for being relatively flimsy, hence why it is a prime candidate for being reinforced. Whilst relatively simple in design, the Reinforced Pro-Plate is excellent in its execution of its specified function. Whichever angle the thieves attempt to break-in, they will be met by a wall of resistance.


Although the twenty-first century has seen rise to countless different technological security measures, this is not to say that they are any better than more traditional measures. A perfect example of this argument are the SlamLocks manufactured by us here at Garrison Locks. One of the primary benefits associated with these products is that it removes the need for the driver of the vehicle to manually lock the doors; instead, they automatically lock when closed. This drastically speeds up the process, and is a feature which is most appreciated by those that are couriers of high-value goods.

Catalytic Converter Protector

You likely recognise that one of the most valuable parts of a van is the catalytic convertor. This is due to the presence of precious metals being present in their composition – Coppernickelceriumironmanganeseplatinumpalladium and rhodium. It is for this reason that they have been targeted by those with nefarious intentions over the past few years. Thankfully, there is a way in which to safeguard your vehicle against this type of theft; you simply need to invest in a Catalytic Convertor Protector.

Ford Security Pack

Whilst most products mentioned above are generic, and so can subsequently be deployed on any type of van, Ford have gone out of their way to create a range of units which are tailored to their vehicles – these are known as the Ford Security Packs. Not only are these broken down for different models – they are also year-specific. Were you to purchase one of these, you can expect to receive such items as Hykee drivers door lock cylinder locks, load area hook locks, and fitting instructions for wiring loom guards. This, then, is the ultimate lock collection of ways in which to protect your van.

What Can We Help You With?

If you have spent countless hours trying to source a collection of security experts which is able to supply you with the best van locks in the country, you are in luck – Garrison Locks is here to help. Over the years, we have had the privilege to service various van owners in the UK; this experience has allowed us to grow as a company, and subsequently offer better quality products.
When it comes to van security products, such as locking systems and anti-theft sliding door locks, you will be hard-pressed to find a company which can surpass our catalogue. Why not use the contact details listed on our website to get in touch with us today, and learn more about how we can be of assistance?

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