What Is A Van Armaplate?

There has been a significant increase in the number of reported theft attacks on vehicles in recent years, with vans being the most apparent target due to the contents often inside. Due to this, several security products are being designed to increase the security and protection for the existing locks for vans, making the van much more guarded in the case of a break-in. 

With that being said, Garrison Locks, one of the most reputable suppliers of van security locks and accessories, has found a brand new solution that is ideal – Armaplates, but what are they?  

A brief overview of the Armaplate

The Armaplate Sentinel is soon becoming one of the most popular high-security options that are designed to protect your van’s door lock from theft. This is because the Armaplate, often made of steel, completely encases the locks on the van through the use of threaded studs that piece through the exterior of the door skin so that it also encases the vulnerable area around the lock itself. 

What they do to protect your vehicle

  • Protects the lock barrel 

As mentioned above, the primary advantage of the Armaplate is that it protects the existing lock for the van, most notable, the lock barrel. Especially for older vans, such as Ford Transits, one of the easiest ways to access the vehicle is by breaking into or removing the barrel so that the door can be easily opened. Fortunately, the exterior plate overlaps the lock barrel, prevents the ability to simply penetrate the barrel, as well as stopping any opportunity to remove the lock. 

  • Prevents access to the surrounding area

As well as the lock, the handle and surrounding area are also very vulnerable to attacks, which is where the Armaplate is ideal. As referenced above, the external plate plays a vital role in protecting several other aspects of the lock on vans, for instance, the handle and surrounding door skin to prevent external penetration close to the lock. 

  • Can be installed on already damaged vehicles

Fortunately for those that have already experienced theft attacks on their van, you will be pleased to hear that the Armaplate is ideal. Almost every installation service will have the capabilities to install the security system so that it’s permanently repaired whilst also boasting a much more secure alternative. This is bound to cut costs, as well as diminishing the need to visit a body shop to carry out a single repair. 

  • Near impossible to remove

Thanks to the design of the van Armaplate, it’s nearly impossible to remove once it has been correctly installed. This is thanks to the threaded studs as referenced previously, which means the external plate is completely fastened to the van, making it nearly impossible to remove without brutal force. 

  • Requires no activation 

Unlike several other locks for vans, the Armaplate is operational 24 hours, nor do they require activation by the driver. This is because it will be permanently fixed to the van, meaning you can rest assured knowing the locks on your van are completely secure and protected at all times. 

Is the Armaplate exactly what you are looking for

For those that are keen on finding out more about the Armaplate, we suggest heading over to the Garrisons Locks website today. We have an ever-increasing range of sizes for the Armaplate, covering some of the most popular vans on the market including the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Renault Kangoo. 

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