Van Storage Methods That You Don’t Want To Overlook

In the UK, it would amaze you to learn about the seemingly-endless number of trade-vehicle owners that do not spend their finances on high-end storage products. Instead, they allow their equipment to rattle around the back of their vehicles, slowly-but-surely declining from a quality perspective. As a retailer which has operated in this field for a number of years, Garrison Locks is familiar with the most prominent of these – we have taken the liberty of highlighting these below. We hope that our descriptions will enable you to make an informed decision on which you believe will be best.

Gas Cage

Some of the jobs which you are called upon to complete will require having access to pressurised gas canisters – these are known to be efficient and effective when powering certain pieces of equipment. However, you will not want to take any chances when you are transporting these, hence why it is recommended that you acquire a number of gas cages. Though rather simple in their design, when it comes to ensuring that they will remain in place whilst travelling they are second-to-none. Whatsmore, you won’t have to spend too much to acquire these units.

Pipe Racks

It is virtually-impossible for you to have missed the large number of trade vehicles traversing around the country with pipe racks adorning the top of them. These are one of the most efficient ways in which to transport large and cumbersome pipes across great distances, and you would be remiss if you left these out of your finished article. Whether you possess a Ford Transit, or are sticking to the engineering prowess of Vauxhall, these units will serve you incredibly well.


Whilst some people will undoubtedly debate the categorisation of workbenches as a storage measure, what cannot be disputed is the effectiveness that these units can have when installed in the correct fashion. As a tradesman, the likelihood is that you will constantly be carrying expensive, heavy-duty tools to your jobs. These are not pieces of equipment that you want to be forced to replace, hence why it is vital that you purchase a high-end workbench. With this, you will never-again have to concern yourself about your tools being misplaced during transit.

Hazardous Storage

There are numerous hazardous chemicals that you might keep in the back of your van for specialist jobs; it could be that you are varnishing a new-build, or have been solicited to deliver a bulk-order of acid to an industrial complex. In scenarios such as these, you will want to have the means with which to complete the job with minimal hassle – this is where hazardous storage comes into play. These types of boxes and chests are designed to prevent outbreaks of fire, as well as cross-contamination, meaning that they are first-class in nature.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

By now, you should be familiar with the various types of storage units which can be used whilst you are transporting valuable materials and tools. However, this will all be in vain if you do not utilise top-of-the-range security products, which will ensure that after you leave your van, your vehicle’s contents will remain safe-and-sound. In order to try and make this situation a reality, it may be wise to enlist the services of Garrison Locks. Having achieved a mastery over transit van security, we can advise on the locking systems and security devices that you can rely on. Should you wish to discuss vehicle security in greater detail, or learn why a steering wheel lock is more-effective than a van deadlock, we recommend that you send us a message at

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