Garrison Van Security

Technology is constantly advancing meaning that, even if you take the correct measures to ensure that your van is as safe and secure as possible, it may still be at risk as thieves and criminals are also always advancing in their ‘know-how’ of how to beat your van security.

Like every tradesman, your van is like your second home, where you store the tools of your trade and other personal possessions. You wouldn’t leave your house to fend for itself with a measly lock, so why wouldn’t you take the same measures to protect your van?

With Garrison Locks Van Security solutions, you can protect your van with the best products in the industry, and sleep sound at night knowing that your van and its contents are safe and secure. 

At Garrison Locks, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable van security systems company in the UK. With a professional and dedicated team of experts and researchers, we are proud to manufacture, design, and sell an extensive range of professional, high quality locks. We understand the rapidly changing lock market, and, within our team, we have the combined technical expertise to bring you the most effective and up to date locks in the industry. 

Our mission is to ensure that your van is constantly kept safe and secure. Most often, less reputable competitors or individual sellers of locks, do not have the expertise or know-how to correctly advise you on the best security solutions for your van – this is where a lot of van owners have unfortunately lost thousands. We guarantee to bring you outstanding quality, optimum protection, and an exceptional level of service. 

Garrison Locks operates on a national level and, over the years, we have developed long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, including Armaplate (for who we are a fully approved reseller), Tradesafe, Vanguard Accessories, Rhino Products, Armorgard Products, and Trade Vehicle Locks.

Over a number of decades, we have successfully secured thousands of vans and have built up a strong reputation for providing the industry’s most reliable, secure, and user-friendly lock systems for vans and trucks. As well as providing outstanding quality locks, we also provide a full and professional lock installation service, so you can rest assured that your vehicle and its contents are safe.

Our extensive product range addresses both general and vehicle specific security threats. Many of the products you see on our site have been designed and manufactured in house, by our highly experienced team of engineers. We go above and beyond to ensure optimum performance and put all of our products through vigorous testing before they are released onto the market. 

We are committed to always being one step ahead of both our competitors and thieves – providing you with the very best and effective van security services and solutions.

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