Van Security Tips You Need To Know

There is a lot of value in a van, not only is there the cost price that you paid for it, but there is also the contents of it. If you’re a small business then your van can also be your lifeblood in terms of completing jobs as that is what keeps the money coming in. Due to this, van security really should be a top priority for anybody with a commercial vehicle as part of their business.

There are many different security solutions to consider and when it comes to choosing the best one, you may feel slightly overwhelmed and confused. Knowing the most effective ways to secure your van is incredibly beneficial to anyone who owns a vehicle like this. To help people looking for advice regarding the best ways to keep their van safe, Garrison Locks have put together a list of the best van security tips. 

Install additional locks 

More often than not, the standard locks on a van aren’t secure enough to keep thieves out. It is incredibly beneficial to invest in and additional van security locks. Some of the most common locks you will see used are van deadlocks and slam locks, both of which have their own benefits and are worth exploring as security measures.  

Use an alarm system

The same way you would with your personal car or even your property, you should use an alarm system on your commercial van. Van alarm systems are becoming more and more popular as a strong additional line of defence and they are incredibly easy to get hold of. You can even get systems that will notify you by phone if set off, so they are a great addition for security.  

Think about where you park 

This may seem obvious but it is regularly overlooked. Our top two tips for parking your van to aid security is to park your van tightly in a corner to block access to the rear and side doors and also park your van in a bright well-lit area. This is incredibly easy to do and can make a huge difference to your security. 

Invest in a security box

If you have no choice but to keep all of your tools and equipment in your van at all times then it is definitely worth installing a van security box. These boxes are often bolted to the floor of the van and you can then lock your most expensive equipment in them making it harder for thieves to make a quick exit with your property.

Try van stickers 

Sometimes simply using van stickers to clearly tell people that there are “No tools left in this van overnight” or “This van is alarmed” is enough to deter any potential thieves. Obviously, it is beneficial to follow up on these statements in case they do decide to risk it but often it isn’t worth attempting to break-in to potentially get nothing out of it. 

Consider a tracker 

This security tip is there to help you in the event that your van is taken. By adding a tracker to your van, you know where it is at all times and if it moves. Depending on the tracker you get, you may be notified as soon as the van starts moving allowing you to act quickly and alert the police, who could then track and recover the vehicle for you.

Securing your van 

Now that you know some of the best ways to secure your van you can make sure that you put some of these tips to good use. Some will be more costly than others but, in general, they are all worth the investment and can prevent you from experiencing theft – whether that may be of your van or the belongings inside it. 

If you would like to start with our first tip, additional locks, and you are searching for the ultimate van lock then visit the Garrison Locks website. We can provide you with a range of different locks and will be able to assist you in finding the best lock for your van. You can trust that any locks purchased from Garrison Locks will provide you with the security that you are looking for. 

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