Van Safety Solutions You Need

For many, their work van is not only a form of transportation but it is also their storage solution too. Whilst it is advised not to keep expensive equipment and tools in a van overnight or for long periods of time, if the van is left unattended, some people don’t have a choice. If you don’t have somewhere else to store these items you may find that your only option is to reinforce the security of your van to protect its contents instead. 

Thankfully, these days there are lots of different van safety solutions that can provide you with the additional peace of mind that your van is protected. From security boxes to alarm systems and everything in between, you will have lots of different options to choose from. To help anyone that is specifically looking at van security locks, our team here at Garrison Locks have put together a list of the most popular choices that you should consider for your van. 


A deadlock is an additional lock that can be fitted to your van door, it is completely separate from the existing locking mechanism. If you have a deadbolt fitted on your home’s front door, then these work in a very similar way. 

At the turn of a key, the deadlock can provide an additional layer of security to your van. Many people choose this van security lock because they can’t be picked or bypassed as

there is no spring mechanism vulnerability.


Slam locks are a unique locking system due to the fact that they don’t require a key to turn for the lock to work. This type of van security lock will automatically work when you close your van’s door. They don’t require any operation by the user at all.

These particular locks operate by interfacing with the existing lock on your van. They are incredibly popular because when you choose a slamlock you can never forget to lock your van. You will have the peace of mind that every time the door is shut, it is locked. 


Whilst an armaplate isn’t necessarily a van security lock, it works by making your current locks much more secure. This external plate acts as an additional layer that encases the vulnerable lock barrel or handle and also the surrounding area.

An armaplate is permanently fixed to your van and once it has been installed you don’t need to do anything else, it will provide additional protection straight away. People choose to install an armaplate because they always work, even if your van has been broken into previously. 

Hook locks

A hook lock is another type of lock that you can choose to install onto your van. Often, they are installed in addition to any current locks and they are specifically designed to protect your van against a ‘peel and steal’, so they are installed at the top of the door. 

Often, an additional hook lock is a clear visual deterrent for thieves and this makes them a popular choice. All you would need to do is ensure you lock both your standard door locks and this additional lock for added protection.

Pro plates 

Pro plates work in a similar way to armaplates, they aren’t a lock themselves but they protect the current lock on the van. Whilst an armaplate sits on top of the current lock, a pro plate sits around the outside and it is less noticeable. 

This type of van security lock system is designed to prevent people from simply spiking through the van door to access the mechanism to unlock the door. Again, once installed you won’t need to do anything else to a pro plate, it will always be working to protect your van. 

Choosing a van security lock 

Now you know a little bit more about the different types of van security locks on the market, you should find it easier to narrow down the options and choose something that will work for your van. It goes without saying that all of the options mentioned above are a brilliant choice, but take some time to consider your specific needs and requirements to ensure that you choose a van security lock that is best suited to you. 

When searching for a van security lock, be sure to visit the Garrison Locks website. We stock a vast range of locks that can all help you ensure that your van and it’s content is secure. If you’re unsure which lock will be best for your van, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Our team will gladly discuss the options above with you in more detail and answer any questions that you may have. 

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