Van Hooklock Deadlocks? Is there such a lock?

Is a van hook lock a van hook deadlock? No! and here’s why…

Lets help stop the confusion here and now! Van deadlocks and van hook locks are totally different. In simple basic terms the difference is a van deadlock has a bolt that slides in and out and the van hook lock has a bolt that hooks over a metal lock keep.

Many general locksmiths and Car accessory, van alarm companies have added van locks to their repertoire due to the increase in van crime and a way to increase sales but simply misguide van owners on the correct van security.

Van deadlocks have been around for many years and as the largest van security lock company in the UK Garrison Locks are in a position to state that they are the UK’s leading company on van security locks and van lock installation. Garrison locks installation team have installed thousands of lock systems, from van deadlocks to van hook locks, slam locks, Armaplate and armourshell. But many van security lock companies confuse deadlocks with hook locks. Whilst a van deadlock offers a good level of security for your van and is often a good lock system to fit to your van, a van hook lock will provide a better level of security as the hook lock bolt hooks over and will prevent the door from being peeled down or pulled apart. With this said, a van deadlock will provide good security and are often good enough to secure a van.

So where does the confusion come from?
A deadlock has a sliding bolt and a hook lock has a hook that hooks over a reinforced lock keeper making it more secure and extremely difficult to pull apart, Ideal for side loading doors and therefor making the van more secure. But, many companies call a hook lock a “van hook dead lock” and this is whats confusing van owners around the UK. Put simply, its either a van deadlock or a van hook lock. We really had a good discussion on this and we think that due to the marketing of van deadlocks and them being a good lock and companies not wanting to lose sales the y call the hook lock a hook lock deadlock.

Now, with this said, its all down to he van make and model and if a hook lock ht can be fitted. If for some reason a hook lock kit cannot be fitted then either deadlocks or another form f after market security device will need to be installed.

We are confident that our Garrison security range will provide a good level of security for your vehicle and if you require professional advice on how best to secure your vehicle contact our installation team.

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