Van crime: Hykee Replock.Ford drivers door lock upgrades

Van crime is at epidemic levels here in the UK and no van is safe from being attacked and the Ford Transit range is one of the hardest-hit vehicles on the road, why is this? 

Why are Ford Transit vans so heavily targeted?

This is a good question and we have the answers! 

Statistically, the Ford Transit MK7, MK8 and Transit Custom are the most popular tradesperson’s van often outselling the competitors by 3 to 1, if not even more. So when statistics show more Ford vans have been broken into its generally down to sales numbers against rival companies. With this said the Ford van does have a weak point. As with all vans. So it’s not just down to numbers. The main weakness as with all vans is the lock barrel. By gripping and twisting the drivers’ door lock (on earlier models) it was able to unlock the van, including the load area where tools are kept. Ford did address this issue with a security update but this simply does not stop the (we coined the phrase) “Grip n twist”! This is a silent destructive method of unlocking the van with a pair of mole grips. In 2016 Ford again addressed the security vulnerability by installing a security bezel. This bezel around the drivers’ door lock does sort of work, to an extent, but this can be easily bypassed. So replacing the original Ford OEM door lock with an original Hykee rep-lock is by far the way to prevent un-authorised access.

I’ve seen a couple of different types of Transit door lock upgrades, What’s best for my van?

The original Hykee Replock sold by Garrison Locks is by far the most popular driver’s door lock upgrade bar none. With thousands being sold in the UK since its design some years ago.

The original Hykee rep-lock is lock pick and bump key resistant. The picks are restricted to locksmiths only and there are not bump keys that work the Hykee lock. 

I’ve also seen a couple of different add-ons to go with the Hykee rep-lock. Bezel guard or Armaplate, What’s best for my van?

For maximum security, we always suggest either the Bezel or Armaplate. The difference between the two is the Hykee bezel is slightly more discreet and will help prevent the “Grip n Twist” technique and the Armaplate will totally enclose the Hykee lock and will cover up damage often left after a forced attack.

We hope the “Fitters Voice” has given you some insight into the Ford Transit drivers door locks and if you need any further information please visit the website or contact a member of our Customer Satisfaction Team here at Garrison Locks.

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