The MOAL Lock (Armourshell)

ULTIMATE LOCK (Armourshell)

If you have been searching for the best possible protection for your van and most valuable tools, then look no further!

 The MOAL Lock is the most secure lock system on the market – exactly as its name suggests. Proven to be virtually unpickable and supplied with a fully restricted key system, we have so much faith in it that we even use it to protect our own nationwide fleet (and we know a thing or two about locks!).

This high security lock consists of an advanced slam lock system with an internal pull release, just in case the door slams shut behind you, ensuring that there’s no way you, or anyone else for that matter, can get locked in the van.

 Compatible with a wide range of vans and vehicles, the MOAL Lock is priced at just £175.75 – a small price to pay for the optimum protection of your most valuable assets.

 Garrison Locks operates on a national level, and we have very close ties with the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. These manufacturers include, Armaplate for who we are an approved reseller, tradesafe, vanguard accessories, Rhino Products, armorgard products and trade vehicle locks.

 Garrison Locks have secured thousands of vans over decades, and have built up a reputation as providing the industry’s most reliable, secure and user-friendly lock systems for vans and trucks. Our service is not only in the sale of supreme quality locks, we also carry out the installation of locks, so you can rest-assured knowing your possessions are safe.

If you want to find out more about the MOAL Armourshell Lock, for an initial consultation on your needs, contact Garrison Locks today! You can call us on 01858 464133 or by emailing us at Garrison Locks – The name you can trust.

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