Tips & Tricks Regarding Keeping Your Trade Vehicle Safe

If you own your own business, and operate out of the back of a trade vehicle on a daily basis, the likelihood is that you will want to try and safeguard it to the best of your possibility. Over the years, you will have undoubtedly invested significant funds into your equipment, and will not wish to have to try and claim on your insurance to secure replacements. Here at Garrison Locks, we believe it is our duty to provide some insight regarding the security products that are worth spending your money on.

Spare Wheel Guard

From a preparation perspective, you will likely have a spare tyre for your vehicle installed somewhere – the chances are that this can be found either underneath the rear, or permanently fitted to the back. Unfortunately, due to the price of rubber, these tend to catch the eye of thieves, as a means in which to make money with ease. The best way to avoid this type of incident is by using a spare wheel guard. The mechanism that this uses is surprisingly durable, and can repel most tools without any issue.

Deadlock Reinforcement

If yours is a transit van, which comes equipped with a sliding door, you may think that you represent a greater target for criminals – more often than not, this is the case. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of a deadlock reinforcement. These work independently from the main elements of the locks themselves, and are meant to offer much-needed protection. Usually, these will consist of galvanized steel, as it is cheap to produce but, in terms of strength, is unparalleled.

Pedal Box

This is an innovative product which has slowly-but-surely garnered a cult following, and rightfully so. Van pedal boxes, as you may have already deduced, are designed to completely encapsulate your vehicle’s pedals, making it nigh-on impossible to be able to move the van whilst it is parked up. Though some would consider this to be a simple concept, the fact of the matter is that, from a practical point of view, few other measures can compete. You will also be pleased to hear that you will not have to drain your bank account to afford this unit.

Slam Handle Kit

Despite the convenience that sliding doors offer on trade vehicle’s, there is a major flaw to be found in relation to its security capabilities. There have been many instances whereby criminals have had the equipment necessary to break through in a short space of time. In case you were wondering, this can be dealt with in an efficient and effective manner using a slam handle kit. Each of these are tailor-made to the vehicle in question, meaning that you will have no-issues regarding compatibility.  

Garrison Locks – Here To Help

When it comes to sourcing a retailer which has countless different deadlocks for transit vans from which to choose from, all of which have been proven to be of the highest calibre, there is only one name that you need to be familiar with. With fantastic contacts amongst the manufacturing world, you can be rest-assured that when you solicit the services of Garrison Locks, the outcome will be nothing short of exceptional. Some of you reading this may be trying to find van locking systems that are easy to use; others could want a security product that can be fitted to the exterior of their vehicle. Whichever camp you fall into, we will satisfy your needs with ease. Want to discuss our van deadlocks in greater detail, with a member of our customer support team? Simply visit the contact segment of our website, and choose a method that suits you. 

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