The Key Advantages Of Installing A Van Vault Slider

Vans are one of the most popular forms of transportation for many trades thanks to the availability to move supplies, tools and all else on the road network to wherever is required. However, due to the contents being stored in most vans, they have become prone to a wealth of break-ins and thefts, resulting in a significant amount of money worth of goods going missing each year. 

Fortunately, several new solutions are now available, with one of the most favourable being the van vault slider. With that being said, it’s still widely unknown by many van drivers, which we want to change, hence the creation of this guide, covering the key advantages of installing a van vault slider. 

What is a van vault?

Before we go any further, it’s vital that you fully understand what a van vault slider is. As the name might give away, it’s a vault system that is designed specifically to be fitted into the back of vans. Not only that, but it’s created with facilities dedicated to tools and other items that a typical van driver in particular trades will use.  

Provides complete protection

If you haven’t gathered already, the primary advantage of van vault sliders includes the fact that they provide complete protection for the contents inside. This fundamentally comes down to the materials used for the notable design, which will often include 2mm anti-rust stainless steel. Thanks to this and the design, the whole vault is highly secure and guarded, making it ideal for every van that needs to store goods. 

Even smaller editions, such as the van vault slim slider, offer the very best protection available thanks to the solid steel body which has been designed to prevent unauthorised access. 

Suitable organisation is always helpful

Working with tools and devices continuously might be fun, but the storage behind them often isn’t, which is where a vault can help. Several vault systems come with suitable storage facilities already implemented, such as allocated areas for specific tools so that they can easily be organised for future use. 

Smooth sliding system

The smooth drawer action of the vault is another reason why the van vault slider is favoured. This is primarily for van drivers that carry out site work as mentioned above, where they need to access their tools regularly, which can easily be achieved with the use of a draw system. Especially due to the organisation of the draw, users will easily be able to find, locate and use the equipment that they need from the vault without having to search around for a wealth of time. 

Reinforced top design

Not only is the vault secured by the designed from deep within the body, but it’s also constructed to take the weight of several pallets on top of the vault. This was primarily implemented for security purposes, but it has been seen as a notable advantage as it means the vault can be stored almost anywhere in the van, where additional goods can easily be stored on top of the vault if needed. 

Have we piqued your interest?

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