The Importance Of Having Replacement Keys

It is incredibly common for people to find themselves in situations where they need a spare key in their daily lives. Whether this is to get into a house, drive a car, lock up at work or even just undo a security box. Thankfully, having a spare key handy prevents being stuck in precarious situations and having to face the frustration or embarrassment that goes with losing a key. 

Surprisingly, not everyone will have a spare key, even for the most important things in life. Take a work van, for example, this is something you shouldn’t even question having a spare key for yet, not everyone does. If you’re unsure as to whether having a replacement key for your work van is really that important, keep reading today, Garrison Locks can convince you otherwise. 

Very cost-effective 

It goes without saying that getting a replacement key cut is much more cost-effective than having to call out a van locksmith to help you gain entry if anything was to happen to your current key. The majority of replacement keys are incredibly affordable, it is definitely a worthy investment and one that you will thank yourself for in the long run. 

Provides peace of mind 

Knowing that you have a spare key for your work van kept somewhere safe will give you the peace of mind that you will always be able to access your van, and continue to work as normal. A replacement key removes the worry of losing your key and gives you a backup option if you can’t find your key when in a hurry to get out the door on time. 

Perfect for multiple drivers 

Sometimes, work vans will have multiple users and numerous drivers. It is no surprise that frequently sharing one key increases the risk of the key becoming lost. Simply having a few replacement keys so that each driver can have their own set will lower the chances of keys getting misplaced and of course, it is also much more convenient. 

Guaranteed to save you time 

Losing your work van keys can be detrimental to your working day, not being able to get to a job or even get your equipment out of your van is something every worker dreads. Simply having a replacement key on hand means that you can continue as normal and will prevent you from having to wait around for an emergency locksmith to help. 

Allows access to locked-in keys 

Lots of work vans have additional van door locks fitted, a popular one being a van slam lock, which automatically locks the van as soon as the door is closed. Whilst this is an incredibly effective security solution it often leads to keys being locked in the van. Having a spare key to hand will enable you to get back into your van and retrieve your locked-in keys quickly and easily. 

Snapped key substitute

The more you use your van key, the more prone it is to damage. It isn’t uncommon for keys to bend or snap and this can be incredibly frustrating. Again, having a replacement key on hand will make this bad situation much easier to handle. You can go about your day as normal using the spare key, but just remember to get another one cut to replace your current spare. 

Having replacement keys 

All in all, having a replacement key has a huge amount of benefits that you simply can’t ignore. It is clear to see why having a spare key is so important and if you have a work van then it is definitely something you should invest in as soon as you get a chance. 

If you’re searching for a trustworthy company that can provide you with replacement keys then visit the Garrison Locks website. We can cut all Garrison and integrator keys, with or without key cards or codes. You can trust that all of the keys we cut are done by using original key blanks to ensure you receive the highest quality service every time. So, why go elsewhere for your replacement van keys? Please feel free to contact Garrison Locks today. 

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