The Importance Of Deadlocks For Van Security

Lots of people use vans on a day-to-day basis for work. Not only do they use them for getting from A to B, for many, but their van is also their office, garage and tool chest, where they keep everything they need to earn a living. Unfortunately, thousands of professionals have valuable tools and supplies taken from their vans every year. 

No matter the size of your business, the impact of a vehicle theft or break-in can be devastating. Aside from the obvious, your insurance premiums increasing, you will also find that your profits suffer due to delayed jobs while you replace the equipment. One of the best ways that you can prevent your vehicle from being broken into is to invest in extra security for your van. Many people turn to deadlocks for this security and here’s why;

Inexpensive security solution

There is no denying that any form of security solution is usually costly and many people are put off by this, which makes them overlook security altogether. Thankfully, Thatcham accredited, secure by design van security locks can be purchased for as little as £60, depending on the van doors you are interested in securing, so they are incredibly affordable. Even if you do spend slightly more than this, it is rare that this security solution will cost you more than £200 and for this reason, it is always worth the investment. 

Easy to install 

It is so easy to get van deadlocks fitted and many companies offer this service when you purchase the deadlocks from them. Unlike lots of other security solutions, you can have a deadlock installed at a time that works best for you and that fits in around your busy work schedule. In order for the deadlocks to be fitted any experienced installation team will only require your van and they don’t need access to your business property or any of your other personal areas that something such as an alarm system or CCTV may require, for example. 

Deterrent to thieves 

When looking to take your possessions, thieves will always want a quick means of entry and exit, so just the sight of deadlocks might be enough to put them off. They are now a well-known form of van door security and thieves often know to avoid attempting to get into vans with deadlocks as it is never easy. Often, if a thief is struggling to gain entry to a van, they will simply move on as it isn’t worth their time or the risk of getting caught. 

Incredibly effective 

As well as being a deterrent, if someone was to try and get into your van and break your deadlock then they will more often than not be unsuccessful. Deadlocks are very difficult to pick because they have no spring mechanism that can be forced open, so anyone wanting to open these locks needs a key. Of course, for this reason, you may want to consider having a spare key in case you misplace yours otherwise you may be locked out of the van yourself. 

Installing a deadlock 

All in all, there are no negatives to installing a deadlock and if you’re looking for an affordable security solution that is quick and easy to install, then there really isn’t a better option. Thankfully, there are now deadlocks available for all different types of vehicles and when looking for the best place to purchase a deadlock, visit the Garrison Locks website. We specialise in van security locks and have a huge range of deadlocks to choose from. All of our packages are vehicle make, model and year specific, ensuring the highest level of security for your van. 

Not only can Garrison Locks supply you with van locks but we can also install them for you too. They have an extremely experienced team who provide a fully nationwide installation service. You can trust that you are in safe hands when choosing Garrison Locks for your deadlocks and with their pre-Installation and post-installation sign-off procedure they guarantee customer satisfaction. 

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