Slam Locks – Everything That You Need To Know

If you were to conduct a survey amongst tradesmen in the UK, in regards to the type of additional security measure they believed to be most-effective at protecting their vehicles, the results would undoubtedly come back in overwhelming favour of slam handle kits. These units are constructed in a rather simple fashion, yet have proven time-and-again to be well-worth investing in. However, you might lack the knowledge needed to form an opinion on these units. Here at Garrison Locks, we are pleased to be able to use our not-inconsiderable amount of expertise regarding locking systems for van doors to guide you through this matter.

What Are They?

On the face of it, there is not much to slam locks which have been designed for use on trade vehicles. Traditionally, you will find these installed on the sliding doors that are fitted on the side of the van, and are meant to provide you with a level of convenience that has previously eluded you. With these units, you no-longer have to worry about forgetting to lock your van when you walk away – instead, you simply need to shut the door, and the matter is resolved. When this works in tandem with your central locking system, you are left with a solution with very little in the way of downsides.

Their Operating Method

The way in which slam locks operate depends solely on the type of unit that you have decided to purchase – what unites them all is the way in which they are regarded as being a top-tier, maximum security option. In order to release the locking mechanism, all that you are required to do is turn the key within the lock; it is as simple as this. Conversely, when the time comes to shut-up-shop for the day, it will automatically lock the moment that you shut the door with force. What might interest you is that this is a one-way system, and therefore cannot be operated from the interior of your vehicle. This can make things significantly more-difficult for prospective thieves, which should always be in the back of your mind.

A Glimpse At Your Options

If you have come to the conclusion that a smart way in which to spend your commercial finances is on a slam lock, you will be delighted to hear that there is no-shortage of options. These visual deterrents are priced in a competitive-yet-affordable manner, and are sophisticated pieces of equipment. Usually, they are tailor-made to suit a particular vehicle. Therefore, you need to be careful that you do not purchase a Peugeot Expert Slam Handle Kit, when in actuality it is the Fiat Scudo Pack that you require. This could prove to be a costly mistake, and not one that you want to have to experience the consequences of. 

Need A Little More Information?

We hope that after reading through the guide provided above, you will now be in possession of all the facts relating to van slamlocks, and will be convinced of their effectiveness when deployed in the field. Now, you will need to source a retailer that can supply you with the high-security products that you can install on your commercial vehicle. Whilst there are various companies that you can turn to, few can hope to match the credentials of Garrison Locks. Over the years, we have helped to keep thousands of vans secure, and we would love to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients. If you give us a call on 01858 435900, we can give you an in-depth account of the slam locks for vans that we possess. 

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