Signs You Need To Improve Your Transit Van’s Security

There is no denying that having your transit van broken into or even stolen can be detrimental. As well as having to deal with insurers and police, you will also more than likely have to delay future jobs until you have been able to replace your equipment. It is for these reasons that many people these days are choosing to take steps to improve their van security. 

Whilst you may not think that this is something you really need to do, you will be surprised just how essential it is to the majority of transit van owners these days. If you’re contemplating whether updating your security can be put off for another few months, keep reading today. Our team of experts here at Garrison Locks have put together a list of signs that you need to improve your transit van’s security. 

Your van has been broken into before

This really goes without saying but, people still fail to improve their security after a break-in. If you have ever been targeted by thieves before then you really need to improve your security as soon as you get a new van, or yours is fixed. It isn’t uncommon for thieves to try their luck and strike a van twice, if they have gotten in once before, they will consider it an easy target. 

You drive a customised van 

Whilst having graphics on the side of your van is brilliant in terms of advertising and marketing, it is also informing thieves what sorts of equipment they will find if they break into your van. If it is obvious from your customised van that your equipment is expensive then you are more likely to be a target, so additional security is imperative. 

You’re having issues with your current security solutions 

It is so easy to say that you’ll just fix something later, but putting off fixing any current issues you’re experiencing with your security solutions can give thieves the one opportunity they need to get away with your belongings. Faulty transit van security should never be ignored, if you’re having issues then you should act upon them immediately. 

You have noticed suspicious behaviour locally 

Always trust your initiative, if you think that someone has been eyeing up your van, then you may be right and if you don’t put some form of security in place you will miss your chance to protect your vehicle. There is nothing wrong with taking precautions and being extra vigilant and cautious, after all, this van could be your livelihood. 

You have been informed of an increase in thefts 

Often, thieves will target multiple vans in the same area within a close time frame. Whenever you are informed of an increase of thefts, you should reevaluate the security solutions that you are currently using. You can usually find out information, even from newspapers, about how other vans have been broken into, so use this information to your advantage. 

Improving your transit van security 

Although you may think that it is obvious to improve your security when experiencing anything mentioned above, you would be surprised just how many people continue to put this job to the bottom of their ‘to do’ list. We can’t stress enough how important it is to ensure that your van has adequate security at all times. 

If you would like to improve or update your transit van security, this is something we can help you with here at Garrison Locks. We can provide you with transit custom security locks and also a range of van security boxes too. You can trust that when you turn to our team here at Garrison Locks, we will work with you to ensure that your van is fully protected and that you have put in place the best possible security solutions for you. 

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