The Garrison RepLock has been is expertly designed to offer an advanced upgrade to existing van locks, which are separate from the vehicle’s handle mechanism – optimising security and enhancing protection.

 One of the ways in which thieves often attempt to steal a vehicle is by attacking the door lock and using it to make a copy of the van’s unique key. Fortunately, this high quality product can help to prevent such attacks and keep your vehicle safe and secure at all times.

 Utilising the same 7 pin key system as our other security solutions, these barrels are supplied with 2 keys as standard and can even be keyed to all other Garrison products – ensuring that your security system is as streamlined and user friendly as possible.

What’s more, our RepLocks are simple and straightforward to be installed at home, or can be installed by our specialist fitters, if you prefer.

 Starting from only £55.00, our expansive range of RepLocks caters for a whole host of vehicles. We currently stock products including, the Convoy 1 door pack, the Berlingo First 2 door pack, and the Transit 3 door pack. 

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