OBD and ECU Protection Devices

OBD/ECU Protection Devices

Thieves are getting smart, and as technology develops, they employ ever more sophisticated methods to break into or steal your vehicle.

 One increasingly common approach is to connect a laptop to your OBD socket and programme a new key into the ECU. You can protect yourself against this type of theft by investing in an OBD/ECU protection device, which secures the OBD plug in a secure box, attached to the crash bar behind the dashboard.

Mercedes Sprinter ECU Clamp System

The ECU on a Mercedes Euro 4 and 5 can be easily located by simply removing the inner plastic wheel arch. Once located, it can be unplugged and the vehicle can be started and stolen using a matched Pod Key and ECU. This method of theft will bypass any CAN system alarm, unlocking all of the vehicle’s doors on the vehicle and making it possible for the culprit to start up and drive off your Mercedes Sprinter Van.

The good news is that you can secure your van today with a Mercedes Sprinter ECU Clamp System, which secures the ECU with high security fixings and prevents this type of attack from happening.

Ford Transit 06 – OBD Port / Socket Protection 

The Garrison Ford Transit – OBD Port Protector helps to prevent the van’s immobiliser emulator / bypass units from being plugged into the OBD port, which allows them to bypass the vehicle’s internal immobiliser system. 

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