Is Your Work Van Safe?

When you rely on your work van to not only get you from job to job but, to also safely store all of your work equipment, you will obviously want to ensure that it is safe. It is common knowledge that vans are frequently the target for opportunistic thieves, especially if they think there’s something valuable inside. 

In the event that you fall victim to a break-in, you may be left with an empty van, a peeled down door or even a smashed window, all of which will cost you money to replace or repair. In the worst-case scenario, thieves may simply take the whole van and your livelihood along with it. Even the thought of this is enough to make any van owner consider whether their van is actually safe currently.

To help anyone that is looking to ensure that they have done all they can to protect their work van, Garrison Locks have looked into things that all van owners should think about. Keep reading today to ensure that your work van is safe. 

How criminals target vans

One of the best ways to minimise the chance of theft and ensure that your van is safe is to understand how criminals work. Of course, there are still lots of thefts that happen in a classic smash-and-grab style, but as van owners are getting smarter with their security solutions, criminals are modernising their methods too. 

These days, some of the newer ways criminals are targeting vans includes van door peeling. They will avoid the sensors you tend to get in the front of a van and peel back the side or back doors without being detected. It isn’t uncommon for manufacturers to use thinner metal to improve fuel efficiency too, so this isn’t hard for them to do. 

Another method they use is key-fob hacking. They will use a smart device or even just a scanner to intercept and replicate the radio signal from your keys to the locks on your van. Keyless van thefts are on the rise and this isn’t something that will be going always anytime soon. So, it is more important than ever to use this information to your advantage. 

Maximising your van security 

Thankfully, as mentioned above, security solutions are smarter than ever before and there are numerous options out there to help van owners maximise their van security. This can range from simply parking your van in a well-lit place against a wall to installing additional security solutions, so there is something that everyone can do. 

Lots of van owners tend to turn to additional van door locks for their security solutions. It isn’t uncommon for people to install deadlocks or slam locks to make forced entry pretty much impossible for thieves, they are considered to be the ultimate van locks. Hooklocks are also frequently used to protect rear van doors or side doors and stop them from being prised apart. 

Alongside additional locks, there are also some internal security solutions that people turn to regularly. One of the most commonly used is a steering wheel lock or pedal box, which are easy for van owners to get hold of and are really effective. You also tend to see dashcams in the windscreen of work vans which is often enough to deter thieves and prevent them from targetting your van. 

How Garrison Locks can help 

Using the information above, take a look at your work van and consider whether the actions you have taken to ensure it is safe are enough. All vans are different, as are their contents, so the solutions that you choose will be different too. Think about what will be best for your van and how you can help to make sure you aren’t the target of thieves. 

If you would like to install some additional locks to your work van then this is something that Garrison Locks can help you with. Say, for example, you think a deadlock is the best way for you to protect your van then, not only can we provide you with a range of deadlocks, but we can also provide van deadlocks mobile fitting services. Our experienced team will ensure that you invest in the right deadlock for the make and model of van and that it is installed correctly, providing you with the security that you require. 

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