Is It Worthwhile Installing Supplementary Van Security Products?

It is worth remembering that, at the end of the day, your trade vehicle is an essential part of your business. First-and-foremost, this is what you will traditionally use to get to your projects on a daily basis. Not only this, but when the time comes to end for the day, you will usually store your valuable tools in the back of your van. As such, you cannot leave anything to chance. Those of you that are questioning the need to invest in supplementary security products may want to take a look at the list generated by the Garrison Locks team down below. It should offer some much-needed clarity regarding the benefits of these units.

Lowers insurance Premiums

When you first acquire your van, you will have immediately reached out to your preferred insurance provided to get a quote. Unfortunately, due to the sheer value of your vehicle, combined with its contents, the monthly rate of this will be rather high. However, you cannot afford to overlook the need for insurance, as it can be your saviour in times of need. What you might not have realised is that investing in additional security measures can have the knock-on effect of reducing your premiums, which we are sure is not an opportunity you want to miss out on. 

Greater Reassurances

Regardless of the type of commercial vehicle that you own, you will have no-doubt been told that the manufacturer has done everything possible to ensure that thieves cannot gain entry. Unfortunately, due to the equipment that these individuals have in their possession, they will normally find a way to circumvent the standard door locks. If you were to spend money on a van slamlock, for instance, that automatically locks the moment that you shut the door, you can go to bed with the peace-of-mind that nothing is going to happen to your vehicle.

Fantastic Deterrent

In case you weren’t already aware, opportunist thefts are currently on the rise in 2021. This means that criminals are stumbling upon poorly-protected vehicles, and seizing the opportunity to quickly make some easy money. This is an eventuality that you can eliminate simply by purchasing high-security products. Case-and-point, pedal boxes have proven to be first-class options, as they are a fantastic visual deterrent. The moment that a criminal claps eyes on this, they will look elsewhere for a van to target.  

Various Options

There may be some people reading this that are unsure as to the type of locking system that they should buy for their trade vehicle. This is, in part, because there is an abundance of choice in this department. A different take on this matter is that you can enjoy a lot of freedom; with numerous ways in which to achieve maximum security, you can simply opt for the ones that are best-suited to your current position. Whether you think that you require a van alarm system, or believe that a wheel clamp will suffice, the final decision is up to you.

Garrison Locks – We’re Here To Help

Should you be determined to purchase a slam lock for a van, or wish to order a padlock system that will arrive in a matter of days, now may be the best time to reach out to the Garrison Locks team. We are blessed with one of the country’s leading van security ranges, and when you pair this with the incredible pricing structure that we have in-place, it is difficult to see why you would not wish to collaborate with us. Would you like to discuss our catalogue in greater detail with a member of our team? If so, feel free to call us on 01858 435900 – they will gladly provide you with all the answers that you need.  

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