How Do Deadlocks Work?

When you own or operate a commercial vehicle, keeping the goods and equipment in the load space secure under all circumstances can be a real headache. Unfortunately, too often the locks on manufacturers vehicles are not up to resisting the kind of attacks which we can experience in the UK. For this reason, many people turn to additional locking systems for their vans. Van locks can be very confusing and with a large range to choose from, you may feel slightly overwhelmed when searching for the best security solution. 

One of the most popular locks that van owners turn to is a deadlock. They are known for their effectiveness and are a great solution for anyone looking to install additional security. To help you understand this lock, in more detail, Garrison Locks have put together a complete guide to deadlocks and how they work. 

What are deadlocks?

Essentially, a deadlock is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door, it is completely separate to the existing locking mechanism. These locks are very similar to a deadbolt commonly fitted on front doors in the home. Unlike other locks that you may have seen, deadlocks don’t lock automatically upon closing as they require the lock cylinder to be turned manually by a key. 

The main purpose of a deadlock is to provide additional security to any vehicles that require it. If thieves are able to get past the original van door lock then they will also need to get past the deadlock system to gain access to the vehicle.

Why do people choose them?

These locks are particularly suited to tradespeople who would like to keep the standard lock operation of the vehicle by day and then use the additional deadlock either overnight or when the van is left in less secure situations. Since deadlocks work in tandem with the vehicle manufactures locks, fitting a deadlock doubles the level of security. 

Another benefit of van deadlocks is that they prevent locks from being picked or bypassed as there is no spring mechanism vulnerability. The spring mechanism is the part that can be forced open by someone wanting to gain entry to your van, so without this, it can prove impossible to force entry. Anyone wanting to open these locks needs a key to open or shut them. 

How do they work?

Deadlocks have a single deadbolt that secures into the door and offers extra strength. They operate by throwing the bolt into a receiver fitted to the opposing body section when operated by an external key. Deadlocks used for vans are a single cylinder, meaning, they will accept a key on the outside and cannot be unlocked from the inside, This also prevents the door being unlocked even if the glass is smashed.

Most deadlocks these days are designed to a national quality standard which means that they comply with rigorous tests to make sure they are secure enough. Garrison deadlocks are Thatcham accredited and secure by design as standard and all of them are; the vehicle make, model and year specific, ensuring the highest level of security for your van.

Purchasing a deadlock 

If you think that getting additional van door locks fitted would be beneficial for the security for your van, then a deadlock is a good lock to purchase. You can trust that deadlocks for vans have been tried and tested over the years and they are now incredibly reliable. 

When looking for somewhere to purchase deadlocks from, please feel free to visit the Garrison Locks website today. We have an incredible range to choose from and not only can we supply these locks, but we also offer van deadlock installation too. You can trust that when you choose the professionals at Garrison Locks to assist you with your deadlock, you will be receiving a high-quality lock that will also be professionally fitted – which you can rely on for years to come. 

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