How Can You Improve Your Current Van Door Security Measures?

In truth, there are countless different ways in which you can upgrade the quality of security that you have in place on your trade vehicle. This is, after all, somewhere that you keep all of the equipment that is necessary for you to complete your work, and gain a living. Therefore, it is understandable for you to want to keep things as safe as possible. Having been working in this industry for a number of years, Garrison Locks is pleased to be able to shed some light on this particular subject.

Spare Wheel Guard

This is something that typically escapes people’s notice when it comes to van security, yet it remains an incredibly important feature of the vehicle. Whilst you will not rely on this particularly often, your spare wheel could prove to be crucial in times of need. Therefore, you will not want it to be ripped away from you unceremoniously, hence why buying a Spare Wheel Guard makes for a prudent move. Simple in design, yet incredible in effect, you will love the manner in which this operates.

Hook Lock

Despite it not being easily visible, there is no denying the fact that Hook Locks have an incredibly important part to play in your overall security system. This, in case you weren’t already aware, is fitted within the interior of your sliding door, and is meant to act independently from your main lock. The reason for this is that it acts as a back-up, and ensures that you are provided with plenty of coverage. The resistance that this offers you is second-to-none, and we guarantee that the results will leave you smiling-and-satisfied.


For those of you that had not already noticed, there is an increasing trend amongst the criminal community; year-on-year, the number of catalytic converters that are being stolen is rising sharply. One of the best ways that you can prevent this from happening is to implement a Catloc into your van. This will offer an additional layer of protection for a part that is incredibly valuable, and not something that you will want to have to replace on a regular basis. Although there are a wide range of ways in which to safeguard your catalytic converter, this is without-a-doubt the most effective.

Our Reputation

If you find yourself entertaining the idea of purchasing any of the aforementioned products, you may be intrigued to find out a little more about Garrison Locks’ credentials. We have spent a lot of time improving the quality of our catalogue, as this ensures that we can cater to the requirements of any that come to us. Understandably, if you are not familiar with our company, you might not be fully convinced of our capabilities; however, after perusing through our Trustpilot testimonials, you won’t have any worries collaborating with us.

Who Are We?

Are you someone that uses a trade vehicle as their remote base of operations, and as such want to implement the necessary measures to keep it secure at all times? Interested in stocking up on a selection of van security locks, but as of yet have not found a retailer which conforms to your high standards? In situations such as these, it is hard to think of a company that is better suited to helping you than Garrison Locks.

As our name suggests, we are a company that deals amongst-entirely in high-security van locks. Please note that if you are entertaining the idea of working with us, we have a dedicated customer support team on-hand to answer your questions. To speak to one of our team, all you need to do is follow the instructions published on our website’s contact page – we can’t wait to hear from you. 

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