Garrison Lock cleaner and lubrication spray

How to clean, lubricate and service a Garrison Lock

Garrison Locks – Assa Lock Spray Lubricant And Cleaner


The best solution to keep your locks working trouble free all year round

  • Large 200ml Spray can
  • Improved formula
  • Ideal for mechanical and electro-mechnical locks, van security locks, padlocks, master suite systems, cam locks
  • Prevents wear
  • Improves reliability of lock systems
  • Cleans internal pin chambers, pin sets and springs
  • Does not bind salt (Thus preventing corrosion)
  • Water resistant

During the winter months it is imperative to keep all van security locks working smoothly to prevent excess wear and tear within the van lock cylinders. Grit, dirt, road salt and dust play a major part in jamming locks, so keeping them clean and well lubricated is paramount.

Over a period of time van locks may jam or become difficult to operate if they are not lubricated. As with all van security locks, whether it’s a Thatcham secure by design van slam lock or dead lock, Van security locks need to be looked after and lubrication is the key.

Security locks are important and there’s nothing more frustrating than a high security van security lock thats not working. We always recommend lubricating and cleaning your van lock at least once a month and sometimes a little more often in the winter months.

Lock lubricant when used regularly will keep all your van security products working in tip top condition and feeling like new.
If your van door security lock does start to fail and it’s getting extremely difficult to get the key in we suggest a good spray. DO NOT TAP THE KEY into the lock. This may cause damage to the pins and internal mechanisms and will then have to be replaced. Once sprayed, Gently push the key into the lock cylinder, giving the key a light rocking twisting motion can also aid key insertion. Once the key is in we suggest removing the cylinder. Keeping the key in the lock, do not remove it. Once the lock is removed, take the key out and repeat the process 4-6 times. Each time adding more spray in and working the key in and out of the lock. You may notice a lot of grit and dirt coming from the keyhole, this is fine. Repeat until the lubricant coming from the cylinder is clear, Re-install the lock and test, you can the repeat this process on all the other van door locks.
If you need further advice on van door security locks and how to keep them working and secure please contact our sales team on 01848 464133.

Old van deadlock, Owner had to break-in!

If you do own a high security van it is sometimes a good idea to request a van lock service engineer to visit and have the locks serviced on site as getting locked out of a high security van with the best van locks can be very expensive. And let’s face it, you need a secure van!

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