Everything You Need To Know About Deadlock Reinforcement Kits

When you own a work van, you will more than likely be very conscious of ensuring that not only is your van safe but that the contents of your van is safe too. For this reason, many van owners nowadays choose to install additional security measures so that they don’t have to worry as much in this regard. Thankfully, there are lots of different security solutions on the market that are specifically designed for vans to choose from.  

More often than not, one of the security measures van owners put in place is installing additional locks. These locks are a tried and tested security solution that have worked incredibly well for many van owners. One lock that is very popular is a van deadlock and here at Garrison Locks, we have fit hundreds of deadlocks onto work vans. As well as installing deadlocks, we also offer deadlock reinforcement kits and they are worthwhile considering when purchasing a new lock. Keep reading today to find out more about these kits. 

What is a van deadlock?

Van deadlocks offer additional security to any van by providing an extra locking point to the doors. They are designed to work alongside the existing manufactures locking system and can be installed on any make and model of van. 

Van deadlocks work by pushing a bolt into a receiver on the turn of a key. They are known for being incredibly difficult to pick or force open simply because they don’t have a spring mechanism.

This type of security lock is incredibly popular due to the fact that they allow workers to keep the standard ease of operation during a working day yet, they can provide additional security whenever the key is turned in the deadlock. It isn’t necessarily a lock that needs to be used all of the time so, it isn’t inconvenient. 

What is a deadlock reinforcement kit?

A van deadlock reinforcement kit is made up of a rear double door lock case reinforcement plate and a larger extended security plate. These plates are one of the latest additions to van security solutions and they are designed to keep thieves out whilst reinforcing the weak area that surrounds a van deadlock.

You can expect to find reinforcement plates used on vans where the deadlock can only be fitted in the low position on the side load door. Usually, this area of the door is made from weaker metal and it can be much thinner too, making it more vulnerable to thieves using pry bars. 

Why invest in a deadlock reinforcement kit?

Many van owners choose to use a deadlock reinforcement kit because it can increase the level of security and protection that is provided by this additional locking mechanism. Simply put, it will provide the deadlock with extra support. 

As mentioned above, it isn’t uncommon for thieves to use pry bars to break into a van, even if it has a deadlock. When you choose to install a reinforcement kit you can help prevent your deadlocks from being barred or prised open. 

Not only can a van deadlock reinforcement kit provide you with additional security but, you won’t need to worry about it imposing on the appearance of the vehicle either. The additional plates aren’t visible from the outside of the van. 

Purchasing a van deadlock 

Now you know what a deadlock reinforcement kit is and why it is beneficial to install one, it goes without saying that it makes sense to invest in a kit. You can’t deny that knowing you haven’t only purchased what is considered to be one of the best van security locks on the market but, that you have also reinforced this lock, will provide you with the peace of mind you’re looking for as a van owner. 

When searching for a van deadlock or a deadlock reinforcement kit, please visit the Garrison Locks website today. All of our kits are designed to be van specific, so we will ensure that you have the very best security for your vehicle. Of course, if you have any questions at all in this regard, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. We will happily assist you further in this regard. 

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