Everything You Need To Know About A Pinned To Code Service

It is becoming increasingly popular for van owners to use more than one lock on their van in order to attempt to keep it safe. These days, there are lots of different van locks on the market, all of which have their benefits and this has, in turn, led to van owners opting to install multiple security locks. From van deadlocks to slam locks, whichever you choose, you can guarantee it will help to keep your van secure. 

Of course, the more locks you have on your van, the more keys you will have too and this in itself can start to become inconvenient. So, to help anyone wanting to make the most of the various security locks for vans on the market but still keep their keys to the minimum, our team here at Garrison Locks provide a ‘pinned to code’ service and a ‘keyed alike’ service, both of which may be incredibly beneficial. 

What is a keyed alike service?

Our keyed alike service is essentially a ‘one key fits all’ solution to any new customers looking to purchase new locks for their van with us at Garrison Locks. You can purchase multiple different locks from our vast range and get them all working on the same key. 

When you use this service, we will provide you with 2 keys for the first lock that you purchase and then we will ensure that all other locks are re-pinned enabling them to also be used by the first keys we supply you with. 

What is a pinned to code service?

Here at Garrison Locks, our pinned to code service is aimed at anyone who has already purchased products from us. This free service is available on Garrison 76 Series locks, Integrator 348E lock systems and Garrison 835 Mul-T-Lock and it is incredibly easy to benefit from. 

Essentially, if you require additional locks for your van, or any other types of locks, and you’d like these to work with your existing key then we can make this happen for you. You then won’t require any new keys when your new locks are installed on your van. 

Why do people need a pinned to code service?

Simply put, every key will have its own code which is a series of alphanumeric characters. It is this code that enables it to open locks that are pinned to the same code. The pinned code of the locks you use is what prevents anyone else’s keys from being able to open them. 

The benefits of using a pinned to code service

  • Save yourself time and hassle

It goes without saying that most keys look the same nowadays and this can make finding the right one very frustrating. The most obvious benefit to having the same key for all of the security locks on your van is that you won’t have to waste time trying to find the right key for each lock. 

  • Cost-effective option

Of course, if you’re getting spare keys cut for a work colleague, for example, it will be much cheaper to do so if all of your locks are pinned to the same code. Simply get one key cut for them and they will be able to unlock everything required. 

  • Easy to get replacements 

If you were to lose your keys then it is also much easier to get a replacement. Instead of having to get a replacement key for every single lock, you can simply get one replacement that will work on all of your locks. (it is important to note that depending on how/where you think you’ve lost your keys, you may want to consider a complete lock replacement for safety reasons).

Using a pinned to code service 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about what a pinned to code service and a keyed alike service is and it goes without saying that they are both incredibly beneficial. If you’d like to go ahead and take advantage of these services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Garrison Locks today. We will gladly answer any questions that you may have relating to these services and help you to reap the benefits of them too. 

Of course, if you’re also searching for additional security locks for your van then this is something else that we can assist you with. We have a range of security products on our website that are all specifically designed for vans, so you can trust we are the perfect people to contact. Please feel free to browse our website today to get a feel for the different security locks for vans that we can supply. 

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