Catshield and Catalytic convertor protection

CATSHIELD – ARMACAT! Security protection for exhaust systems on Mercedes Sprinter vans

Catshield offers the best and most cost effective solutions when it comes to protecting your Mercedes Sprinter Euro-5 and Euro 6 Catalytic Converter against theft.

 Designed to prevent thieves from stealing your Catalytic Converter, Catshield is manufactured with robust and durable materials to ensure that it can withstand the demands of regular use, and last a lifetime. Of course, theft is still possible, but Catshield allows you to add another frontline defence in the bid to try and prevent it.

 Garrison Locks operates on a national level and, over the years, we have developed long-standing relationships with some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers, including Armaplate (for who we are a fully approved reseller), Tradesafe, Vanguard Accessories, Rhino Products, Armorgard Products, and Trade Vehicle Locks.

Catshield Armacat Twin Pack

  • Provides the ultimate protection for your Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5 Exhaust system
  • Pack includes the Mercedes Sprinter Armacat and Catshield

By protecting your vehicle with both the Mercedes Sprinter Armacat and Catshield, you can not only rest assured that your van is covered by maximum protection, but you could also save thousands of pounds on having to replace a stolen catalytic converter. And, because we firmly believe that time is of the essence, we even often a next day delivery service on these products!

Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5 Catshield

The Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5 Catshield offers the ultimate protection for your Catalytic Converter Shield. As the original and best catalytic converter shield, Catshield by Armaplate is highly recommended for major fleets and van owners. It has been designed to last and is manufactured with the finest high-grade stainless steel, and finished to Armaplate’s impeccably high standards.

The Mercedes Sprinter Euro 5 Catshield is very simple and easy to install, meaning that you should be able to install it yourself with ease. If you prefer, however, you can also take it to your local garage. Use this with Armacat to give yourself maximum protection!

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