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What Makes Pedal Boxes Such A Desirable Form Of Security Measure?

Whilst you have been driving your trade vehicle to-and-from jobs on a daily basis, it may have occurred to you that this, in essence, is your livelihood. If anything was to happen to your van, you would subsequently be left with no-way in which to bring-in an income. It is for this reason that you need to do everything in your power to protect it from criminals, particularly because the cost of replacing your various tools and materials does not bear thinking about. Here at Garrison Locks, we believe that... Read More

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Ford Custom, Transit mk8 door attack – Trending

The attacks on the Ford Custom and Transit MK8 are increasing by the week. A few years ago it was the drivers door lock that was attacked and with Ford addressing the issue with security updates to the software and the Hykee replock replacement it was only a matter of time before thieves attacked a different area of the van. Thieves are now attacking the mechanical latches and the only way to get to these is to drill, spike or tear a hole in the door exposing the mechanism. Once... Read More

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Why Do Criminals Consistently Target Trade Vehicles?

Those of you that have been utilising a trade vehicle for an extended period of time will certainly be well-aware of the risks that are associated with owning one of these. Over the years, these have proven to be an incredibly popular target for criminals, as they were perceived to be relatively easy to get into. Although security measures have improved, the trend ceases to go away. Below, you can learn as to why this is the case, courtesy of the Garrison Locks’ specialists. Unattended Vehicle Unfortunately, there are numerous... Read More

Tips & Tricks Regarding Keeping Your Trade Vehicle Safe 05/05/2021
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Tips & Tricks Regarding Keeping Your Trade Vehicle Safe

If you own your own business, and operate out of the back of a trade vehicle on a daily basis, the likelihood is that you will want to try and safeguard it to the best of your possibility. Over the years, you will have undoubtedly invested significant funds into your equipment, and will not wish to have to try and claim on your insurance to secure replacements. Here at Garrison Locks, we believe it is our duty to provide some insight regarding the security products that are worth spending your... Read More


How Can You Improve Your Current Van Door Security Measures?

In truth, there are countless different ways in which you can upgrade the quality of security that you have in place on your trade vehicle. This is, after all, somewhere that you keep all of the equipment that is necessary for you to complete your work, and gain a living. Therefore, it is understandable for you to want to keep things as safe as possible. Having been working in this industry for a number of years, Garrison Locks is pleased to be able to shed some light on this particular... Read More


How Can You Improve Your Transit Van Security?

Any dedicated business owner will understandably want to put into place measures which protect them from criminal activity. It is important that this does not simply pertain to typical corporate offices – individuals that use a trade vehicle must also try to implement top-of-the-range security equipment. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which to make this a reality; you can educate yourself on these below, courtesy of the team of experts that we have here at Garrison Locks. Purchase Slam Handle Kits Contrary to popular belief, successful anti-theft... Read More


Which Security Product Is Best-Suited To Your Van?

When you are browsing through the various types of measures which can be used to secure your van, you will likely come across an array of products. However, not all of these will be applicable to you; for example, you will not need a steering wheel lock if your vehicle does this automatically. Similarly, you may believe that a tracking system is slightly over-the-top for your profession. If you would like some guidance on the security devices which are best-suited to you, Garrison Locks is more than happy to oblige.... Read More

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Is Your Work Van Safe?

When you rely on your work van to not only get you from job to job but, to also safely store all of your work equipment, you will obviously want to ensure that it is safe. It is common knowledge that vans are frequently the target for opportunistic thieves, especially if they think there’s something valuable inside.  In the event that you fall victim to a break-in, you may be left with an empty van, a peeled down door or even a smashed window, all of which will cost you... Read More

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Van Hooklock Deadlocks? Is there such a lock?

Is a van hook lock a van hook deadlock? No! and here’s why… Lets help stop the confusion here and now! Van deadlocks and van hook locks are totally different. In simple basic terms the difference is a van deadlock has a bolt that slides in and out and the van hook lock has a bolt that hooks over a metal lock keep. Many general locksmiths and Car accessory, van alarm companies have added van locks to their repertoire due to the increase in van crime and a way to... Read More