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Garrison Locks 3 (is your work van safe blog) 06/02/2020

Is Your Work Van Safe?

When you rely on your work van to not only get you from job to job but, to also safely store all of your work equipment, you will obviously want to ensure that it is safe. It is common knowledge that vans are frequently the target for opportunistic thieves, especially if they think there’s something valuable inside.  In the event that you fall victim to a break-in, you may be left with an empty van, a peeled down door or even a smashed window, all of which will cost you... Read More

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Van Hooklock Deadlocks? Is there such a lock?

Is a van hook lock a van hook deadlock? No! and here’s why… Lets help stop the confusion here and now! Van deadlocks and van hook locks are totally different. In simple basic terms the difference is a van deadlock has a bolt that slides in and out and the van hook lock has a bolt that hooks over a metal lock keep. Many general locksmiths and Car accessory, van alarm companies have added van locks to their repertoire due to the increase in van crime and a way to... Read More

Van security 29/11/2019

Van Security Tips You Need To Know

There is a lot of value in a van, not only is there the cost price that you paid for it, but there is also the contents of it. If you’re a small business then your van can also be your lifeblood in terms of completing jobs as that is what keeps the money coming in. Due to this, van security really should be a top priority for anybody with a commercial vehicle as part of their business. There are many different security solutions to consider and when it comes... Read More