Everything You Need To Know About Deadlock Reinforcement Kits

When you own a work van, you will more than likely be very conscious of ensuring that not only is your van safe but that the contents of your van is safe too. For this reason, many van owners nowadays choose to install additional security measures so that they don’t have to worry as much in this regard. Thankfully, there are lots of different security solutions on the market that are specifically designed for vans to choose from.   More often than not, one of the security measures van owners put... Read More

Van Safety Solutions You Need

For many, their work van is not only a form of transportation but it is also their storage solution too. Whilst it is advised not to keep expensive equipment and tools in a van overnight or for long periods of time, if the van is left unattended, some people don’t have a choice. If you don’t have somewhere else to store these items you may find that your only option is to reinforce the security of your van to protect its contents instead.  Thankfully, these days there are lots of... Read More

Why Choose Armorgard When Buying A Tool Box

These days, many workers that store equipment and tools in their van should consider an extra layer of security to protect these expensive items. It goes without saying that if someone was to break into your van and take these items then not only will you have to invest in replacements but, you also wouldn’t be able to work until these replacements arrive. So, there is no denying that additional security in this regard could be considered essential.  Many van owners choose to invest in a secure tool box when... Read More

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Van exhaust catalytic converter and DPF filter security locks and devices Catloc are the UK’s premier manufacturer of over 45 Catalytic converter and DPF security devices. The numbers of catalytic converters and DPF’s being cut from vehicles and stolen are rising at an alarming rate. Since 2013 there has been well over 25,000 reported incidents with Cats and DPF’s being stolen, but with fleets being heavily targeted these numbers are increased as these are only ever reported as a single crime. Owners of high ground clearance vehicles such as 4X4’s,... Read More

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Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Van Security Solutions

For many van owners, their van is not only a huge expense, but it is also essential for their working day. A lot of the time, a work van isn’t just a way of getting from one job to another but it is also a portable storage unit. It isn’t uncommon for tradesmen to leave their tools and equipment in their vans at all times for convenience and to prevent the need for additional storage.  Of course, when leaving expensive equipment in a van the standard security provided by the... Read More

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Van Lock and security installations in South Wales

Caerphilly is a town and community in South Wales, at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley. It is the largest town in Caerphilly County Borough, within the historic borders of Glamorgan, on the border with Monmouthshire. Our new approved and Garrison Locks qualified installers work from a workshop based in Caerphilly and offer a full installation service based at the workshop. Saturday installations are available. Our installers are Garrison locks approved for the complete garrison security range of products. To book your van in please use our online booking... Read More


A Guide To Slam Locks

Many van owners will want to install additional security methods to protect not only their van but also its contents, especially if they rely on this van for work. When searching for the best security methods to install, you will frequently come across 3 main types of locks, slam locks, deadlocks and hook locks, all of which are incredibly popular.   These two locks are actually very different and what works well for one van owner may not be the best for another. For this reason, it is good to ensure... Read More

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Benefits Of Using The Garrison Locks Installation Service

Many people these days are choosing to install additional security locks to their vans, with the increasingly high numbers of van and tool thefts this is now seen as a necessity. Thankfully, there are many different van security locks available on the market and they are relatively easy to get your hands on.  However, unlike roof bars and roof racks, which utilise the manufacturer’s fixing points of the van, van locks can be more complex to install. Some people may attempt to install these locks themselves but Garrison Locks would... Read More

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How To Choose The Best Van Security Solution

Any contractor that relies on their transit van will shudder at the thought of their van or its contents being stolen. Not only would this lead to the stress of dealing with insurers and police, but it can also mean days, or even weeks, of lost work as you go through the hassle of replacing tools and equipment.  The tools and equipment used by contractors are becoming heavier and more valuable as time goes on, therefore emptying your van of tools every night just isn’t always practical. Due to this,... Read More


Keyed alike locks

Can all my locks work on one key? There are many benefits to having a keyed alike lock system where you only need one key to operate all the locks. Great idea, Right? Garrison locks provide a free keying alike service on all Mul-t-lock Garrison (7×7) 76 Series locks and Integrator®. When ordering your locks, whether its locks for vans, office, home or industrial units you can choose on the website if you require these keyed alike so one key will suite all the locks. Having one key to fit... Read More