commercial vehicle lock 20/04/2020

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Commercial Vehicle Locks

As you are probably aware, the majority of commercial vehicle owners these days will use additional security measures to protect both the vehicle and anything that they are keeping in it. The most common security solution used across the board no matter what industry you’re in is, van security locks. Nowadays, there are so many different locks on the market, there is something available to meet all needs and requirements.  If you have recently invested in a new commercial van and you’re researching into the different locks on the market,... Read More

transit van locks 17/04/2020

Why You Should Install Additional Locks On Your Van

When you purchase a new van, you will probably be under the impression that it is incredibly secure and that the original locks will be enough to deter any thieves and keep both your van and its contents safe. Whilst this is usually the case for the majority of cars, unfortunately, vans usually require some additional form of security to protect them.  It is no secret that vans are much more likely to be targeted by vehicle thieves, as there is more potential they will be carrying expensive tools and... Read More

Guide to deadlocks 29/11/2019

How Do Deadlocks Work?

When you own or operate a commercial vehicle, keeping the goods and equipment in the load space secure under all circumstances can be a real headache. Unfortunately, too often the locks on manufacturers vehicles are not up to resisting the kind of attacks which we can experience in the UK. For this reason, many people turn to additional locking systems for their vans. Van locks can be very confusing and with a large range to choose from, you may feel slightly overwhelmed when searching for the best security solution.  One... Read More

importance of a good deadlock 29/11/2019

The Importance Of Deadlocks For Van Security

Lots of people use vans on a day-to-day basis for work. Not only do they use them for getting from A to B, for many, but their van is also their office, garage and tool chest, where they keep everything they need to earn a living. Unfortunately, thousands of professionals have valuable tools and supplies taken from their vans every year.  No matter the size of your business, the impact of a vehicle theft or break-in can be devastating. Aside from the obvious, your insurance premiums increasing, you will also... Read More