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Van Hooklock Deadlocks? Is there such a lock?

Is a van hook lock a van hook deadlock? No! and here’s why… Lets help stop the confusion here and now! Van deadlocks and van hook locks are totally different. In simple basic terms the difference is a van deadlock has a bolt that slides in and out and the van hook lock has a bolt that hooks over a metal lock keep. Many general locksmiths and Car accessory, van alarm companies have added van locks to their repertoire due to the increase in van crime and a way to... Read More

Van crime: Hykee Replock.Ford drivers door lock upgrades

Van crime is at epidemic levels here in the UK and no van is safe from being attacked and the Ford Transit range is one of the hardest-hit vehicles on the road, why is this?  Why are Ford Transit vans so heavily targeted? This is a good question and we have the answers!  Statistically, the Ford Transit MK7, MK8 and Transit Custom are the most popular tradesperson’s van often outselling the competitors by 3 to 1, if not even more. So when statistics show more Ford vans have been broken... Read More