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What Is Euro Cylinder Lock Snapping? How To Prevent It.

This page we will cover:1: The method of Euro lock cylinder snapping2: How does an Anti snap lock prevent burglary3: What Euro lock cylinders are at risk from snapping4: How do I know if I already have anti snap locks5: What standard euro cylinder should I fit6: The right way to install a euro cylinder lock YouTube Lock snapping video, How to break in to a house that has a basic euro lock cylinder! Courtesy of CASACYORKSHIRE. 1: The method of Euro lock cylinder snappingBasic euro lock cylinders are snapped... Read More


How to remove and upgrade a Euro cylinder lock.

Step 1 – Remove your door handle Firstly, you will need to remove your door handle. To do this, open your door and unscrew the fixing screws, then pull each side of the handle away from the door and put in a safe place Step 2 – Remove the cylinder fixing screw Next, remove the cylinder fixing screw, which is level with the bottom of your existing cylinder, then insert the key in the cylinder and turn to remove. If you find it difficult, twist the key slightly to align... Read More

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Garrison Cylinders

Garrison lock cylinders 76 series and Integrator At Garrison Locks, we design, manufacture an extensive and comprehensive range of security solutions to protect your vehicles and their contents.  We are immensely proud to be the UK’s leading supplier of professional quality cylinder locks. Our cylinders are, without doubt, some of the very best in the industry and are designed and tested to ensure that they are more than capable of keeping thieves out. When purchasing a Cylinder Lock, it is important to ensure that it conforms to British Standards –... Read More