Breaking Down The Best Tool Storage Options On The Market

If you are someone that uses tools on a daily basis, you are most likely familiar with the struggle of trying to find somewhere to house your various pieces of apparatus. Whilst there are some individuals that will simply tell you to lock your van, here at Garrison Locks we recognise that there is only so much that your van door can resist; there are also some materials which cannot be stored within a vehicle. As one of the leading firms within the security industry, we are pleased to offer you some advice regarding the best storage options on the market.

Storage Containers

One of the unwritten rules for those who own vans is that you never leave your van overnight, whilst it is still stocked with your various tools and materials. These products are not inconsiderable in price, meaning that to have them stolen would be a devastating blow to a self-employed individual. It is for this reason that many tradesmen decide to purchase storage containers; a prime example of this is the 3m Forma-Stor COSHH. With this, the worry about being burgled will be the furthest thing from your mind. Although this cannot be installed in a van, this is an on-site security store which takes approximately 15 minutes to install and can be relocated easily. 


Although there are sure to be people that argue that trolleys do not count as a traditional storage solution, it is important to recognise that it is a crucial transportation method. Not only this, but technically it is used to hold countless tools and materials whilst moving around a construction site. Take, for example, the BeamKart, one of the finest handling trolleys in circulation – when you have this unit, no longer will you be forced to make countless trips to-and-from your van.

Chemical Storage

There is some individuals that use their vans to transport hazardous materials; this is a relatively broad category, and can include, amongst other things, acidic chemicals. No matter how efficient you believe your transit van security to be, the likelihood is that overnight, you will want to ensure that it is out of reach to those that do not understand how to handle it properly. It is for this reason that it is wise to invest in such products as chemical storage chests and plastic chemical cabinets – these are not only spacious, but also equipped with sophisticated locking mechanisms, both of which will give you peace of mind.

Bolt Cages

If your place of work, be it a construction project or an industrial warehouse, utilises high-pressurised gas on a regular basis, the chances are that you could do with having a bolt cage on site. There are only certain staff members that are qualified to operate with these types of materials, hence why it is vital to keep them away from prying eyes and wandering hands. This, if you did not already realise, is a storage solution which doubles-up as a crucial safety measure.

How Can Garrison Locks Help You?

Are you the owner of a Ford transit custom, and would like to improve your van’s security locks? Have you been the victim of tool theft, and subsequently want to ensure that your locking system is capable of protecting your valuable possessions? Here at Garrison Locks, you have a firm which is dedicated to helping you. Regardless of whether you need a new alarm system or simply wish to upgrade your door locks, we will not let you down. Why not visit our website’s contact page today, and find out how we can assist you personally?

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