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corona virus updates - garrison locks 17/03/2020

Update from our Owner , Richard Breslin, Temporary closure.

Updates: as of 25th march 10:48 Responsible Decisions Like all businesses within the UK and indeed, worldwide, we are closely monitoring the impact that COVID-19 is having on our business, our colleagues, customers and business partners. We are very much aware and respectful of the Government’s message that all UK citizens and businesses must play their part to protect the most vulnerable in our society and to ensure that the NHS has the ability to care for the inevitable, increased number of patients that will be affected by the virus in the coming days... Read More

Van Vault Slider - Garrison locks 11/03/2020

The Key Advantages Of Installing A Van Vault Slider

Vans are one of the most popular forms of transportation for many trades thanks to the availability to move supplies, tools and all else on the road network to wherever is required. However, due to the contents being stored in most vans, they have become prone to a wealth of break-ins and thefts, resulting in a significant amount of money worth of goods going missing each year.  Fortunately, several new solutions are now available, with one of the most favourable being the van vault slider. With that being said, it’s... Read More

Armaplate - Garrison Locks 10/03/2020

What Is A Van Armaplate?

There has been a significant increase in the number of reported theft attacks on vehicles in recent years, with vans being the most apparent target due to the contents often inside. Due to this, several security products are being designed to increase the security and protection for the existing locks for vans, making the van much more guarded in the case of a break-in.  With that being said, Garrison Locks, one of the most reputable suppliers of van security locks and accessories, has found a brand new solution that is... Read More

Armorguard tuffbank - Garrison Locks 06/03/2020

Why Every Van Needs An Armorgard Tuffbank

Innovate storage solutions are soon becoming one of the most popular features for many modern vans, where several manufacturers are looking to create the best van box possible to meet consumer needs. The variety of Armorgard Tuffbanks is no different, where they have a wide assortment of storage boxes which are ideal for several purposes and requirements.  For that reason, the team at Garrison Locks have created this guide, covering why every van driver needs to consider fitting an Armorgard Tuffbank into their van.  Why every van needs one Suitable... Read More

Garrison Locks 2 (Van Security blog) 06/02/2020

Questions To Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Van Security Solutions

For many van owners, their van is not only a huge expense, but it is also essential for their working day. A lot of the time, a work van isn’t just a way of getting from one job to another but it is also a portable storage unit. It isn’t uncommon for tradesmen to leave their tools and equipment in their vans at all times for convenience and to prevent the need for additional storage.  Of course, when leaving expensive equipment in a van the standard security provided by the... Read More

Garrison Locks 3 (is your work van safe blog) 06/02/2020

Is Your Work Van Safe?

When you rely on your work van to not only get you from job to job but, to also safely store all of your work equipment, you will obviously want to ensure that it is safe. It is common knowledge that vans are frequently the target for opportunistic thieves, especially if they think there’s something valuable inside.  In the event that you fall victim to a break-in, you may be left with an empty van, a peeled down door or even a smashed window, all of which will cost you... Read More

Garrison Locks 1 06/02/2020

The Importance Of Having Replacement Keys

It is incredibly common for people to find themselves in situations where they need a spare key in their daily lives. Whether this is to get into a house, drive a car, lock up at work or even just undo a security box. Thankfully, having a spare key handy prevents being stuck in precarious situations and having to face the frustration or embarrassment that goes with losing a key.  Surprisingly, not everyone will have a spare key, even for the most important things in life. Take a work van, for... Read More

South Wales installation service - garrison locks 04/02/2020

Van Lock and security installations in South Wales

Caerphilly is a town and community in South Wales, at the southern end of the Rhymney Valley. It is the largest town in Caerphilly County Borough, within the historic borders of Glamorgan, on the border with Monmouthshire. Our new approved and Garrison Locks qualified installers work from a workshop based in Caerphilly and offer a full installation service based at the workshop. Saturday installations are available. Our installers are Garrison locks approved for the complete garrison security range of products. To book your van in please use our online booking... Read More



Whilst Scotland is a wonderful part of the country with its wide expanse of idyllic rolling countryside and lush pastures its often missing the installation services of such experts in the van security industry. However, Garrison Locks fitters and approved sub-contractors often work in Scotland offering a “van lock fitting near me” service. Offering bespoke van security solutions in Scotland gives Garrison locks the ability to secure and maintain van security locks in and around Scotland. Installations are provided on-site which means our fitters come to you so you can... Read More


A Guide To Slam Locks

Many van owners will want to install additional security methods to protect not only their van but also its contents, especially if they rely on this van for work. When searching for the best security methods to install, you will frequently come across 3 main types of locks, slam locks, deadlocks and hook locks, all of which are incredibly popular.   These two locks are actually very different and what works well for one van owner may not be the best for another. For this reason, it is good to ensure... Read More