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Essex van locks and security

Essex Van deadlocks – Hook Locks – Armaplate – Van door lock shielding Van lock fitting and installation in the Essex. Who fits van locks in the Essex? Contact Us for a free no obligation quote. Working out of Essex Garrison Locks have a wealth of experience working from their sites in Essex and Leicestershire head quarters. Their team of approved installers have over 35 years experience in van lock fitting and the supply of high quality locks for vans. Securing over 4000 vans per year! Alongside their installation service... Read More

Garrison Locks Midlands county map 30/03/2022
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Midlands Van Locks and security

Van deadlocks – Hook Locks – Armaplate Van lock fitting and installation in the midlands. Who fits van locks in the Midlands? Contact Us for a free no obligation quote. Based in the Midlands Garrison Locks have a wealth of experience working from their offices in Leicestershire. Their team of approved installers have over 35 years experience in van lock fitting and the supply of high quality locks for vans. Securing over 4000 vans per year! Alongside their installation service Garrison Locks have a Ecommerce website for trade and public... Read More

Transit van seat covers - Made to measure 07/03/2022

Ford Van Seat Covers!

The best quality seat covers for your van – Guaranteed. If you have purchased a new or good quality Ford van you will want to keep the seats in good condition and free from stains, wear and tear. The best way to do this is to protect the seats with a high quality seat cover from our tailored made range, If you care to view our Ford Transit seat cover range here. If you prefer to pimp up your van and make it all the more desirable we offer a... Read More

Turtle seat covers 01/03/2022

Van Seat Covers – We’ve got you covered!

Turtle Covers – Tough enough for trade! SEAT COVERS, UK MANUFACTURED, TOUGH ENOUGH FOR TRADE! We aim to offer custom fit covers but at an affordable price. We base our reputation first and foremost on the quality of our goods. All of our seat covers are manufactured by us at our premises in the UK. We have developed a close relationship with our UK material supplier to specify and source durable textiles that meet our customer preferences. Our tailored rubber mats are also manufactured in the UK. We keep a stock... Read More

garrison locks 23/02/2022

Highlighting The Best Ways to Keep Your Trade Tools Safe

If you are someone that, day-after-day, uses their vehicle for trade purposes, the chances are that you will want to do everything in your power to keep things safe. Your tools, for instance, are an integral part of your business – without these, you will find it difficult to work, and this will have an impact on your ability to make money.  Should you be a van owner that wants to take additional precautions, now is the time to take a look at the list below. Put-together by the Garrison... Read More

Mercedes Sprinter Well-Protected 23/02/2022

Looking at the Best Ways to Keep Your Mercedes Sprinter Well-Protected

If you have possessed a trade vehicle for a number of years, we are sure that you will agree that to enjoy a peaceful life, you need to take additional steps to keep your investment safe-and-sound. Unfortunately, crime is on the rise, and this means that you have to be wary of attacks coming from all sides. Here at Garrison Locks, we feel that particular attention has to be paid by those that own Mercedes Sprinter vans. Thankfully, you are blessed with various options from which to choose from, the... Read More

Hazardous Storage 20/02/2022

Why‌ ‌You‌ ‌Can’t‌ ‌Afford‌ ‌to‌ ‌Overlook‌ ‌The‌ ‌Need‌ ‌For‌ ‌Hazardous‌ ‌Storage‌

It is perfectly understandable that, as a van driver, the majority of your focus is directed towards finding transit security locks that won’t let you down in your time of need. Whilst this is all well-and-good, this does not mean that you can afford to be lax in other departments. For example, hazardous storage has been established to be of paramount importance. If this is an area that you are not particularly well-versed in, allow Garrison Locks’ specialists to walk you through why additional hazardous storage measures are well-worth investing... Read More

Deadlock Reinforcement Kits 16/02/2022

Deadlock Reinforcement Kits: Explaining Their Value

An Introduction to Deadlocks Deadlocks, in case you didn’t know, do not come in a single design – instead, these are a group of products that are installed on van doors. More-often than not, these are utilised on the sliding side doors, which are commonly thought to be the most-vulnerable area of the vehicle. These have slowly-but-surely gained notoriety, thanks to the strength that they possess. Even with specialist equipment, criminals will have a tough-time prising the doors open. Without the common spring-loaded mechanism that is often found at locking... Read More

2022 Van security products 16/02/2022
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The 2022 Van Security Products that are Going to Take Off

It is important that you start to look to the future. This is the perfect time to start assessing improvements that can be made in your life – for example, if you are a tradesperson, you might wish to turn your attention towards your van. Although you might not realise it, you are someone that is often targeted by thieves, due to the fact that you are carrying valuables in the form of industrial equipment and precious materials. Thanks to the Garrison Locks experts, you can attempt to protect yourself... Read More

Van Security Pack 16/02/2022
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Why Now is a Great Time to Purchase a Van Security Pack

If you have recently purchased yourself a van to serve your needs as a tradesperson, your first point of call should be to immediately start browsing through the security devices that you can make-use of. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done – this is an area that has seen much research and development in the past few years, meaning that you are spoiled for choice. If you want Garrison Locks’ opinion, we recommend that you opt for a van security pack. You can find our reasoning for this, as... Read More