Mercedes Sprinter break in and how to prevent it

Mercedes Sprinter break in and how to prevent it

Mercedes vans have been heavily targeted for many years. The first Sprinter came out in 1996 and used a HUF lock system, The Sprinter was not fitted with central locking as standard however this was an optional extra from Mercedes at an additional cost it wasn't a common add-on security option. Not that the central locking system offered any real additional security that is. It basically allowed the vehicle to be locked from any door. But this is where the issue arises. By spiking underneath the door handle there was a linkage that could be easily accessed and this in turn unlocked the entire vehicle. This was of course before central deadlocking came out. If there was not a central locking system and you wanted to break-in the load area where tools are kept you would have to attack the load area doors, Commonly the side door was attacked and the the rear door was found to have a similar locking mechanism and this was then targeted by thieves.

The Mercedes Sprinter had a major issue and this needed to be resolved and quickly. The Sprinter van was under attack and on a daily basis. With this said the van security market needed a plate or a shield to prevent the form of attack and even better, something to cover up the damage. 

Armaplate were the first company to manufacture a plate to not only add additional security to the Sprinter van but also cover up the damaged left after an attack. Sprinter armaplates were designed by Armaplate Uk Ltd and were a best seller and Garrison locks, the largest reseller of the Armaplate in the UK. 

Of course this then lead to another of the Mercedes vans to be targeted, The Vito van. The same attacks happened to the vito van and there was then an Armaplate designed and manufactured for the Mercedes Vito van. This again proved to be a popular security option to help prevent door spiking and theft from Vito vans. 

It's needless to say that Armaplate is a great product, well engineered snd made specifically for vans and can be a DIY install or professionally installed by an approved installer like Garrison Locks installation team.

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