Master Suite Systems

Master Suite Systems MTL300, 7X7, 76 Series and Integrator.

We design, build and supply a full range of Master suite systems that are available on our main popular Key platforms MTL300, 7X7, 76 Series and Integrator with fast turn around.


Master suites are supplied to commercial and industrial buildings that wish to control access to areas where certain staff members or visitors are not allowed are restricted to access. This can be for a vary of reasons, Security, health and safety and restricted controlled areas due to storing sensitive information.

Master suites can be a huge benefit to companies once installed. Safe in the knowledge that staff, visitors and areas are safe and secure.

The flexibility of our systems is such that we can offer Grand master suites along with sub-master keys allowing full control but also allowing  ease of access for managers, directors and those that require full access to certain areas. Grand master keys allow full access to all locks and areas without any restrictions. 


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