BreakSecure Euro Profile Key & Key Cylinders

Garrison locks are available on 3 different Key Platforms: 76 Series, 3DS and Integrator. 

Garrison 76 Series is an open profile and duplicate keys can be purchased directly from the website with or without a key card. 3DS and Integrator have restricted key systems which means keys can only be duplicated with a key card. 

3DS is Patent protected until 2036 providing extra security against unlawful key duplication.

Mul-T-Lock, Garrison unique, high-precision pin tumbler system. Compatible with residential and commercial surface mounted door locksets, interfaces with locksets of major brands. Suitable for a wide range of lock mechanisms. 

* Key Platforms are not interchangeable: for example if you have an existing integrator cylinder and code and purchase any additional cylinders to be keyed alike it will have to remain on the integrator platform. (i.e 76 series or 3DS cylinder can not be selected)  


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Operation: 360˚ rotation with operating key or thumbturn. Standard double cylinder, full key insertion disengages opposite side.

Materials:Body and plug: high-quality brass; Cam and cogwheel: steel; Pins: nickel silver and stainless steel

Standard finishes: Nickel satin; Polished brass