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Seat Covers, UK Manufactured, tough enough for trade!

We aim to offer custom fit covers but at an affordable price. We base our reputation first and foremost on the quality of our goods. All of our seat covers are manufactured by us at our premises in the UK. We have developed a close relationship with our UK material supplier to specify and source durable textiles that meet our customer preferences.
Our tailored rubber mats are also manufactured in the UK. We keep a stock of the most popular range for quick turnaround but for anything that is made to order we aim to deliver within 10 days - usually much quicker.
Our experienced staff are the most important part of our business and we are very fortunate to have such an effective and committed manufacturing team.
Our products are handmade with care and each machinist takes responsibility for stitching a set of covers from start to finish. Whilst we keep a stock of covers for each vehicle, our team of over 30 machinists means that we can respond quickly to fulfil large orders for fleets.