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Armaplate Sentinel

Armaplate has become one of the most popular high security options to secure vans.

Designed to protect against forced entry to your vehicle, the Armaplate sentinel plate completely encases the vulnerable lock area. This prevents the cylinder being forcibly removed and or protects the area around the handle from being spiked through preventing access to the internal locking mechanism.


Armaplate Blockade

Armaplate Blockade has been designed to help protect and prevent door spiking similar to the Armaplate Sentinel range. However, some vehicles handles are designed in such a way that a Sentinel plate cannot be manufactured. Blockade plates are still fixed using studs and will require professional installation. 


Armaplate internal plates

Depending on the make and model of the vehicle the Armaplate system is designed with an internal deflector plate. Internal deflector plates are not supplied on every model of Armaplate or blockade plate. If you require further information on what models have internal deflector plates please contact us.


Thanks to the design and the internal threaded studs it's virtually impossible to remove it once it has been installed. The primary advantage is that it protects the existing lock and most notable the lock barrel. 

Being permanently secured to the van the Armaplate requires no activation by the driver and provides continual security. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your van is completely secure and protected at all times. 

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How to install Armaplate

Whilst we always recommend a professional installation for Armaplates they are relatively straightforward to install providing you have the basic tools and some knowledge of how to remove van door card panels, lock mechanisms. If you require more information on how a particular plate is installed please contact us.

Will Armaplate be enough to secure my van?

 Like all security products Armaplate has been designed with a specific purpose in mind and that is to help prevent door spiking and removal of van door lock cylinders and to cover damage often caused by attacks.

What other products should I consider to secure my van?

Garrison hook locks and dead locks are renowned to work well alongside Armaplate. They both have a specific purpose and will further enhance your vans security