Armaplate for vans

Did you know that Armaplate has been fitted to vans for over 25 years!

Originally designed for the Ford Transit van to combat the ever increasing issue with van door lock removal Armaplate was the first bolt through plate protection system for vans. 

The main issue back in the late 1990’s was that screwdriver attacks on van doors was so common you would literally see hundreds of vans with holes spiked into door skins to access the flimsy lock linkages. And of course by flicking the linkages it would open the van. In some cases, especially on early models, it could disarm the van alarm system. 

The light commercial van industry was therefore serious under attack from all angles and so Armaplate Sentinel was designed. 

Common questions now surrounding Armaplate are is it an out dated product and should there be better improved plates to secure vans?
Armaplate does and will always serve a purpose. The main thing for Armaplate Sentinel is that it protects door lock barrels from being pulled from the van door handles.
This has always been a major issue and Armaplate serves well to protect the locks on vans. 
The main issue now for Armaplate is that whilst it serves a purpose it doesn't protect against drilling or tearing of the door around the door latch mechanisms of which is a huge issue for any van owner. 

What can be done to protect door latches being drilled or spiked?

Unfortunately No one can prevent attacks on vans.  Doors that have already bee attacked can benefit from an Armaplate but if it is the latch thats been attacked you will need Protekta latch shielding kit. Specifically designed to protect the vulnerable latch mechanisms on vans. These van door latch shields can also be installed after an attack, Just like Armaplate. 

What are the Armaplate and Protekta-latch shields made from?

Armaplate has always been made of high quality Stainless steel and is a very well made product. CNC cut for perfection and pressed to form a complete and perfect fitting product.
The Armaplate (in most cases) has an internal zinc/mild steel inner plate to help prevent spiking into the mechanisms. 

Protekta latch shields (External) plates are from high grade stainless steel and the (internal) plates are hardened to prevent prolonged attack with hole saws, starrett cutters and  drills. 
The internal plate has proven to be the best form of protection against prolonged attack. 

What doors should I protect?

We will always recommend that all load area doors are protected as this is where your valuable tools, stock and items are stored. 
In addition to the latch shielding and or Armaplates we would recommend additional lock systems. Cab door deadlocks and Armaplates are often fitted to prevent total van theft. 

Are Armaplates or Latch shielding kits difficult to install?

As with many specialist security products installation should be carried out through our network of fully trained installers. 
For those that are experienced and or have the correct skill set we are happy to supply the security products for DIY installation or by a garage / body shop.

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